mum on a mission takes on 40 acts

Mum on a Mission Takes on 40 acts and NEEDS YOU…

mum on a mission takes on 40 acts

By now you have probably realised that I have signed up to take part in 40acts during Lent again this year.  This will be my fourth year taking part and my third year blogging about it (and possibly vlogging this year…)!  If you haven’t heard of 40 acts, it is a generosity challenge that runs throughout lent.  Everyday you are emailed a challenge to do that day and a thought about why we should so that we can cultivate generosity in our own lives, our family’s lives and the community around us.

Why should you take part?

40 acts is an amazing experience – it really does open your eyes to see the opportunities we have to be generous every day.  Since discovering it 4 years ago, I have tried to spot the things that I can do to bring joy to people more, I have tried to reach out to my community more and I have hopefully shown the love of God more because of this.  Here is a post I wrote at the beginning of last year’s challenge and one from the end.  I hope these will inspire you to take part!

win a godventure generosity kit!

win godventure 40 acts generosity kit

Another amazing change that happened last year was that Godventure, an amazing company that creates resources to help families connect with the bible together, created a sticker book and family version of the 40 acts challenge. This meant I was able to take part with Sam and teach him all about being generous! He loved this!!  This year Godventure have released a generosity kit, which includes the sticker book and everything you need to get straight into the family challenge (with nil preparation!!).  I won one for Sam, and then Godventure gave me a second kit to giveaway to my lovely blog readers.  So hop over to my facebook page to enter before 8pm on Monday 20th Feb!

I need you!

I have challenged myself to get 40 people to sign up to take part in 40 acts before the challenge starts.  That would be 1600 extra generous acts going out into the world this lent.  Will you be one of them?  If so then head over to and click “get started”.  Then comment below to let me know you are on the team!  I will be sharing my highlights and failure on here so do join me on this generous journey.

monthly inspiration from rachel ridler mum on a mission

February Inspiration

monthly inspiration from rachel ridler mum on a mission

Happy February everybody!  I am super happy that we are speedily moving through another dark winter month and on to the exciting things that Lent and Easter hold.  Here are my choice links, likes and a few little surprises for you in the mix.  dove art work

  • SAVD store – I am a great lover of supporting Christian businesses and discovering new ways that people have used their creativity to glorify God.  So I would definitely recommend checking out SAVD store.  It has some really different pieces – my favourite is this one of a dove inspired by the baptism of Jesus.  You can order prints in different sizes and framed or unframed – perfect for finding something for your budget.  Plus, readers of my blog can use the voucher code “RIDLER15” at checkout to get 15% off! 
  • Lent materialsThe Evangelical Alliance has handily made the list of resources for lent and Easter so if you are wondering what to do the celebrate either then have a look through.  I personally am going to be blogging through 40 acts for lent so check it out!
  • Crossify – if you haven’t read my latest review on my new cross pendant then definitely check it out here.  A great new online store for purchasing cross pendants and chains (plus there is another discount code in my review post for you….).
  • Pancake Prayer with Godventure – Victoria for Godventure has yet another great idea to bring prayer into our family homes.  My eldest son is currently trying to figure out what prayer is so this is a great way to tie it in with Shrove Tuesday.
  • Cheerfully Given Marketplace – tying in with my first link is this one.  Yet another gateway to creative christians and fabulous goods (including Kate Dugmore who I had a cuppa with)!  Cheerfully Given is now trying to up their game with an even better website so more Christian crafts people can join, but they need our help.  They have some fabulous things on their kickstarter campaign for those who donate (I am personally going for the new mug option, but who doesn’t love a hand crocheted unicorn?!!)

cheerfully given mug