10ofthose review

Mum on a Mission Reviews Goodies from 10ofthose.com

10ofthose review

I was so over the moon when 10ofthose.com got in touch with me to ask if you would like to review some of their products! I love that their heart is to get resources out to as many people as they can and as affordably as they can, and there are often some great bargains to be found on their website.  Today I am reviewing three products, so check out what I think below:

Raising Kids in a screen-Saturated world

raising kids bookThis is one of the books that 10ofthose.com have published in a series called “raising kids”.  They aim to be quick and easy to read, whilst equipping us as parents to deal with some pretty big topics in the parenting world right now.  I was able to read this book in a few days of snatched 10 minutes.  The chapters are really short so you can read it in chunks, so if you read it cover to cover it would probably only take half an hour or so.  The aim of the book is not to tell you exactly what you should do in regards to the issue, but to discuss it within a biblical context, get you thinking about it and provide you with a few tips and principles on how to deal with it.  I love that it hasn’t gone for the “ALL TECHNOLOGY IS EVIL” approach, but has accepted we are in a changing world, where we are parenting kids who are digital natives.

Definitely worth a read, and at only £2.99 (with heavy discounts if you order more for your mum friends at church!) it won’t cost you much either (buy it online here).  For those of you with babies or toddler, read it and prepare yourself for the future.  For those of you with older children or teenagers who feel like they are already failing in this arena, then read it as it will help you figure out a plan to get back in charge.  Other books in the series include Raising Kids in the way of grace, in a you can do it world, and in a hyper-sexualised world.  

Devotional Dippers

devotional dippersLots of you mums got REALLY excited out there when I showed you the Devotional Dippers!  This little tube brings lots of fun and will help to initiate bible related discussions with your kids.  There are little cardboard sticks inside it with a big idea, a bible verse to read, a question to think about and something to pray about too.  They are idea for younger kids who want to explore things but don’t have a great attention span!  Also great for family discussions, and for those with kids who have just got their first “proper” bible to help them start looking up passages and verses in them.

There are three different packs – Prayer, God and Key Bible Words.  They are £5.99 each or £12.00 for all three packs (buy them here).  Each contain 40 sticks, so if you did a weekly family devotional it would last you almost a whole year!!

I recorded a video review of this product too, so if you want to see the it up close then do watch that here.

ESV Scripture Journals

love joy peace journalsMy final lovely product to review was less parenting based, and more bible journaling themed.  This set of three scripture journals are really lovely.  They have a bible verse at the top of each page on the theme – either love, joy or peace.  The pages are a lovely thickness and cream coloured with lines in them for writing.  I actually sent one of these as a present to a friend and she loved it.  If you want somewhere to use as a prayer diary, to explore these three themes, or just to start doing some bible journaling before getting yourself a proper journaling bible then these are perfect.

The RRP is £14.97 for the pack of three, but you can get them all for just a fiver over at 10ofthose.com!!!  What a bargain!! Why not buy a pack and give a couple away to friends who might like them?

starter kit

Mum on a Mission reviews Messy Faith Products

messy faith review

Just before I moved house, the lovely Nicola from Messy Faith got in contact to see if I would like to try out some of her products.  I jumped at the chance, and started of my rigorous review of her kits and journaling items with a fun Facebook Live video, where you all helped me to create a page using cotton bud painting.  The stickers, cut outs and faith-abets really helped to make the page look great.  So here is my full review of all the Messy Faith products I was sent, which included:

There are four things that I really love about all these products, so I am going to talk about these in more detail – they are all original, flexible, inspirational and affordable.


I love the ideas that Nicola from Messy Faith has. Her “Love Bears” kit for June is a great example, with its panda bear themes. Its these little things that help kick start your own imagination and creativity when creating a new page, and help new bible journalers come up with designs too. I loved the panda bears and couldn’t bring myself to separate them so did a whole page around them.

love bears bible page



All of the products from Messy Faith aren’t prescriptive so you can use them however you like. The faith-abets are particularly flexible and you can use for any pages or phrases you want to create. This makes them the perfect addition to any grab bag or bible journaling kit.  For me, as I want to be able to create when inspiration hits, having a pack of flexible materials that are not linked to a particular theme or topic this is really helpful.

Even some of the themed resources, such as the garden or fruit of the spirit kits can be used across multiple bible verses and to add flourishes to other pages.  Here I used the stamp from the fruit of the spirit set and a sticker from the starter kit to illustrate a page about Rahab in the book of Joshua.

faith into joy bible page


Perhaps you are new to bible journaling or don’t just have random moments of inspiration like me!  Well Messy Faith products will be perfect for you.   The complementary products and themed stickers and cut outs will definitely help you out and give you ideas when you are stuck, and the new monthly faith kits have some devotionals you can follow through too.

good soil bible page


Now, I have put this section last, but if you are a cheapskate like me this might be the most important section!!  If you are looking for the highest quality items then messy faith’s kits probably aren’t for you (head over to the extortionate Illustrated Faith products for that).  But if you like to get the most for your money, a great variety and still have enough to pay for your food bill this month, then Messy Faith is THE place for you.

The presentation of all the products is exceptional (wrapped in tissue paper and handwritten names on packages), and you can tell that Nicola puts everything into making and packaging these products.  All of the individual items are packaging in wrap to protect them and keep them all separate.  The stamps were especially good quality as were the printed faith cards and journals.


The stickers and faith-abets are sometimes printed on normal printer stickers using an inkjet style printer and as a result some of the printing isn’t quite as clear and crisp as it could be.  You also have to cut out round the words, letters and images yourself rather than them being pre-cut. But I think that is brilliant, as you get a lot more for your money (and adds something of a homemade quality).


starter kit

Bible journaling for me is about the heart, and not about perfection, and Nicola clearly puts her heart into all these products, from initial idea, to design, right through production and into the packaging too.   So if you are looking for some products to inspire your journaling without breaking the bank, I highly recommend a slow browse through Messy Faith’s etsy site.


NOTE: I was sent all of these items from Messy Faith for free to review.  All opinions on the products are my own

How Bible Journaling Helped Me

Life can be tough sometimes, can’t it?!  Sometimes bad things happen, sometimes we have to wait for what we desperately want, sometimes life is just tiring.  I’m not immune to that as a Christian.

What is it that gets you through those tough times?  Is it food?  Is it alcohol?  Is it friends?  The thing that has kept me going and kept me connected to God during the last two years of my life has been bible journaling.  I only discovered it a couple of months before we were told the news that our house was to be compulsory purchased by the government, but I am so so thankful that I did.  It has been a lifeline, a way to communicate what I’ve been feeling inside and a way to let it out and give it over to God.  When sometimes words and prayers won’t come, art and creativity have filled those gaps and I can now look back at the journey I took and be thankful that God was there with me in it.

I wanted to share with you some of the pages that I created along the way, a little window into my journey, and hope that they might inspire you to keep journaling through your darkest days:

catcus mug

What I ACTUALLY got for my Birthday!

I loved sharing with you all my birthday wishlist, and I had a lovely birthday weekend with my boys (eating pancakes in bed and going our for all you can eat lunch!).  So I thought it would be good to share some of my favourite things that I did get for my birthday (in case you want to buy them too….)

  •  – I first heard the Lauren Daigle song “I will trust in you” during my HS2 drama time and it really spoke to me.  Lauren has an amazing voice and some really inspirational yet simple songs about biblical truths.  My sons love this album and it has started some great God conversations, so definitely one to invest in.lauren daigle album cover
  • I love finding new ways to write in my bible, and I saw someone else using a retro label maker with her bible journaling.  I used to have an electronic one but really hated it as the labels printed were quite tacky looking, but I love the way these labels look.  My hubby also got me label tape in luminous colours so going to have some fun typing bible verses using this!!!dymo label maker
  • Cactus mug and pencil case I have always loved God at my House’s products (they were some of my first bible journaling items to review!).  And you are all aware of my mug addiction.  So what better than a new mug with biblical humour and a matching pencil case to stash some of my bible journaling goodies in.  Yey!!!catcus mug
  • Roman soldier wall art One of my lovely Lifegroup members surprised me with a very special gift.  She prints vinyl wall art for a living, and about 4 years ago we had discussed how I would love to have a roman soldier where all the armour is the armour of God spelt out in my hallway to remind me and the kids to always put on our armour of God before going out into the world.  But then the news came that our house would be knocked down and I forgot.  Well as a birthday/new home gift she gave me the vinyl wall art to put up in the new house.  I was gobsmacked that she had remembered and look forward to finding a special place for this.armour of God
  • Sam made birdbath – my little man spent his half term with Grandma and during that time painted me a very special birdbath made out of plant pots.  It takes pride of place in my new rockery.  Love me some handmade gifts.Sam's birth bath
  • Die Cutting Machine – Another crafty present that I received was a mini die-cutting machine.  This will be useful not only for personal bible journaling to provide accurate shapes, but also for some possible future business ventures.  I’m having fun playing around with some die cut shapes I bought cheaply from the range (currently made a bird and some buttons….)
open letter

An Open Letter To The Person Too Scared To Try Bible Journaling

open letter


Is your heart pounding? A bead of sweat running down your forehead? Hand shaking with the pencil in it? Stop. Breathe. It’s going to be ok.

You might be scared to try it at first, but honestly it will open up a whole new world of worship to you. Do you think you’re not arty enough, not creative enough? It doesn’t matter! Who is going to see what you do in here today? It is between you and God. So release your wobbly lines, your smudged words and your not-quite-straight stickers – GOD LOVES IT WHEN YOU CONNECT WITH HIM.

You know that picture your son drew of you that you pinned on the fridge even though it’s not “perfect”? Yeah, the one that fills you with pride and a warm glow every time you make a cuppa and reach for the milk in the fridge door, because HE DREW THAT!! He drew that for me, and it is an expression of his love for me. Well that is what God sees when He looks down at your journaling bible. He sees every ounce of love and worship that you are going to pour into it. He sees you grappling with His word, trying to understand it and put it into perspective in your own life. He sees the love you have for him and he sees his creative characteristics coming out in his child.

So quit letting those amazing pics on Instagram of what others have done get you down and focus on the heart of what bible journaling is – a creative act of worship for you and God to enjoy. And enjoy the process, enjoy the results, and enjoy the imperfections.


A novice bible journaler with a creative heart

P.s. If you want some help in getting started then check out these really great kits, stamps and stickers.

Mum on a Mission Reviews – Holy Hope Bible Journaling Kit

holy hope journaling kit review

If you were lucky enough to catch my Facebook Live video showcasing the new Holy Hope Bible Journaling Kit, then you will already know that I am a big fan!  I love finding new things to use in my bible journaling, and this kit is the perfect start of collecting some more faith themed parts of my collection.

what’s included?

journaling kitIn the kit there is a set of clear stamps, a pink ink pad and a 22 page bible journaling companion book.  The backing card from the stamps set can also be cut out and used a tabs in your bible to mark where you have journaled that particular theme.

The book

companion book The writer of the companion book is due to change with each kit, and so every time it will have a different flavour.  The first ones is peppered with questions, space to write, black and white pictures to trace over in your journaling and interesting stories and thoughts to be get your mind going and creative juices flowing.  If you are struggling for ideas and want something to kick start you into bible journaling then this is ideal.  The topics of I am creative, chosen, enough and unique are explored this time.

The stamps

i am chosen stampsThe kit contains a set of great quality clear stamps with a variety of different designs that tie in with the themes.  There are words stamps of the topics, things like a passport, driving licence and lanyard, along with some creative ones like a paint palette, brush and pencil.  They were really easy to use and attached to my existing acrylic block when using.  Some of them didn’t stamp perfectly straight into my bible, as you need a hard surface behind it when stamping (and bible pages are quite soft really), so I did a few pages where I stamped onto a piece of paper and tore these up to stick in instead.

The extras

bible tabGood quality stamps are costly, as are bible study booklets, so its lovely to see that Holy Hope have thought how to squeeze even more value for money into their kits.  The pink ink pad is nice as it means you can get on straight away with using the kit.  But the icing on the cake for me is that they haven’t wasted the cardboard packaging in the stamp set with just plain card.  They have added cut out bible tabs with the key themes printed on them.  These can be cut out (or if you have a tab punch you can use that) and added to any pages you make.

How did I get on?

Well I had lots of fun playing around with the stamps and including them in my designs.  I used them to emboss a name label on one page, which worked well.  I used the theme of “I am chosen” to explore the story of Moses and how he was chosen by God to do something amazing.  I finished the page off with washi tape.  Its not polished or pretty but considering I did half of it on my Facebook Live video upside down!!  The second page I made was creative themed with a shaker over the top.  I loved colouring in the paint palettes in the background and using the bible tab that matched.  Finally I made a collage type page where I stamped onto paper and ripped them up to stick down on the background of colourful wrapping paper.

Where can you get one?

There are only a limited number of the Holy Hope Bible Journaling Kits available so if you want one to add to your collection or to help you start your bible journaling journey then head on straight over to Holy Hope and buy one now for £24.  There are also some great added extras that you can buy alongside it that have been created together with Messy Faith, such as phrase stickers.  I hope that once I have moved house I can help contribute writing for one of the next bible journaling kits, but in the meantime I have sure enjoyed testing out the first one!


golden calf

The Story Behind The Page: Golden Calf

golden calf
stupid Israelites?!

Have you ever sat in an Old Testament Bible Study and thought to yourself “How stupid are those Israelites??!  I would never do anything like that!!”.  Maybe its their lack of trust straight after God has done something absolutely miraculous for them (crossing the red sea on dry land and watching the Egyptians perish and yet being too scared to take on what lies ahead in the promised land for example).   Maybe it’s their long list of wants and needs that keep growing (water isn’t good enough, we want food.  Manna isn’t good enough we want meat as well).  There are so many instances of this that sometimes I find myself getting exasperated with them and thinking “well I would NEVER do that!”.

Oh how foolish I am!  For a few months I have been pondering on the story of the move from Egypt, across the desert, into the promised land.  I think it resembles our situation of being in limbo quite a lot, and I have journaled quite a few pages based on this.  But this one story jumped out at me last week – the story of the Golden Calf.

me and my golden calf

golden calfYou see, things are now at a point in our house move where we are just waiting.  Waiting for solicitors to do their job.  Waiting for official people to sign off on stuff.  Waiting and waiting and waiting.  And its in the waiting that often problems come up, because we get impatient to wait for God to sort things.   We are very good at trusting God when things are moving forward and look positive, but as soon as that progression stops so does our trust.  This was the situation for the Israelites in the desert.  They were moving forward, and then Moses decides to go up a mountain and meet with God.  They were fine with it at first.  Just decided to chill out and have a rest.  But this meeting seemed to go on for quite a while ( I mean it was an important meeting – the 10 commandments amongst other things were being given) and the Israelites started to get impatient and restless.  Rather than turning to God, they turned away from him and looked for something else (ANYTHING ELSE!!) that they could get some kind of comfort or answer from.  For them, it was a golden calf.  Why?!  I guess it was probably quite similar to idols they had seen in Egypt so would have been a comfort initially (until they realised it could do nothing).

This got me thinking – what was I turning to during this time of waiting to provide me with the comfort that I should get from trusting God?  When I thought long and hard about it, I decided it was worrying.  Constantly over-thinking things and going over everything was sort of a go to move for me, and I guess it provided me with some comfort that I was kind of doing something about the problems (even though I wasn’t!).  I also realised that food is a massive idol that I turn to when I get down or stressed about things, and I expect that nice food will cheer me up (it probably does momentarily but then I feel exactly the same and probably with stomach ache on top!).  These things are common things in our culture now, so it is accepted that you deal with things like this – very similar to the Israelites making their golden calf.

how i turned that into a journaling page

golden calf bible pageAll of this lead me on to make my own golden calf for my journaling page (ok so I printed off a picture I found on google) and then add my particular idols.  I made the calf a bit more bling with some glittery brads I had lying around, and then used gold embossing powder to stamp the words on the side.  I embossed some swirly patterns on the page too and then wrote these words to remind me what I had learnt:

“People say that religion is a crutch. Well what other things are you using as a crutch instead of trusting in God?  For me it is worrying and it.  And also comfort eating.  THEY HAVE NO POWER.  Only God does.”

no golden calfFinally, I wanted to make sure the message on the page was NOT to have idols so I made an acetate insert with a no sign over the golden calf.  I then added these words to it as well:

“When you’re waiting for God to move in his perfect timing, don’t turn to something else for comfort.  Idols are powerless, useless, a waste of time and energy and a crutch that you don’t need.”

Now all I need to do is try to fix my eyes back on God and trust him through all of this (and his perfect timing) rather than worry and eating my way through it!!  Why don’t you have a go at making your own golden calf page, and add the words of what you use as an idol or crutch to get through times of waiting on God.  I’d love to see what you come up with!

bible journaling in the UK

Bible Journaling in the UK

bible journaling in the UK

I am often struck by how different the UK is to other places. We make jokes about how we love to queue and complain, it always rains and how we all love to drink tea in the afternoon. Outsiders think we’re very prim and proper, but we know the truth! However, our culture is very different to other parts of the world (I think it is part of what makes me fearful of travelling!!!) and if we are going to truly understand how things work here we have to accept that.

I think the same is true when it comes to bible journaling in the UK. Recently our lifegroup has done a few dvd series created by churches in the US and pastors from other there. And as great as the teaching often is, it loses some of its impact because it just doesn’t apply as well to our culture. Bible journaling started over in the US and was popularized by Shanna Noel and the team at Illustrated Faith. They have done an amazing job in making Christian themed products available for creative people like myself, but sometimes I wonder if it doesn’t all translate exactly to how we do things over here in the UK.

In my mind, we’re not quite as garish and over the top sparkly as the US (sometimes I like a bit of glitter, but not always). We are that bit more reserved and traditional, some of us a little more reluctant to take our paint sets to the word of God. But I think the potential for bible journaling to inspire and encourage people here in the UK is just as great as anywhere else.

There are lots of people leading the way in showing us how bible journaling is done here in the UK. No, it’s not mainstream and you won’t walk into the range or hobbycraft and find loads of bible specific resources on sale. But I think that makes us British bible journalers that bit more resourceful and creative. We have to fight for inspiration and use whatever materials we can find. We look to reuse and recycle. We are local not national, encouraging each other in small groups and making gentle waves across the UK. We love for anyone to join us and we try to capture the heart of what God is saying to us, not just catchy slogans.

What do you think of bible journaling in the UK?  Share your thoughts in the comments below



Holy Hope banner

A Cuppa With Haidee from Holy Hope

haidee from Holy Hope

Do you ever pick up the phone and spend an hour talking, dreaming and losing track of time?  Well that is what happened when I interviewed a new friend of mine, Haidee, from www.holyhope.co.uk.  So grab your own cuppa and sit down to find out more about how it all started and Haidee’s latest exciting project….

1. Introduce yourself to us in one sentence ….

I’m a Northerner living in the South with my husband and family, running creative business Holy Hope.

2. What is it that you make/do?

I run a website which aims to gather Christian creatives and encourage people in their creativity.  I am also an artist, so sell some of my one of a kind pieces on the website too.  At the moment we are developing Bible Journaling Kits and products to accompany them to help people explore bible journaling and their own identity in Christ.

Holy Hope banner

3. Tell us the story of how it all started.

I had been creative for a long time, enjoying doing prayer collages long before bible journaling became popular.  Twelve years ago, just after giving birth to my daughter Isobel, I suffered with post-natal depression, and to help deal with this I started painting.  I heard God say that I should go and do an art GCSE, but when I signed up they didn’t have enough students to run the GCSE course so I ended up doing an A Level in art instead.

A little after this we moved down South, and I was thinking about doing a degree in Art.  I went along to a meeting and they said that next year university fees were going to be going up considerably.  It was now or never, so I ended up doing my second degree in Art.  Half way through my 3rd year of the course, the college came into some troubles.  I ended up getting some compensation money because of this, and I used it to set up my own art studio and website.  God gave me the name “Holy Hope” for it, and it all started to fall into place!  A friend offered me her stall at New Wine festival as she couldn’t go last minute and so Holy Hope was launched as a community of Christian artists.

Since then I have been gathering other Christian creatives with different skills to be part of the Holy Hope team.

4. How do you include your faith into your work and what you make?

When I am painting, I like to focus on a particular bible verse which I will try to illustrate.  I find it is a form of prayer and meditation for me.  With the Holy Hope website I am excited to use Christian art to reach out to others.  I love running craft evenings myself too, and find that creativity really builds relationships.  People let their barriers down when they are creating and start to connect with each other.  One example is that I have been teaching my cleaner, who isn’t a Christian, to do embroidery using bible verses, and she is taking those words into her heart.

5. What is your latest project about?

Bible Journaling KitOur latest project is some great quality Bible Journaling Kits which have been written and made in the UK specifically to encourage our nation.  Each kit will contain a set of specially designed stamps on the theme, an ink pad, cut out tabs on the stamp packaging and a bible journaling companion book containing four guided studies on the theme.  These are available now to pre-order for a reduced price of £22, ready for launch on April 3rd 2018.

Complementary products will also be available on the website soon, produced by other Christian artists in the UK, including stickers, mugs, badges and bookmarks.

The first kits will follow our Identity collection and will explore our own identity in God, so a fantastic way to start your bible journaling journey.

identity collection mugs

6. Do you have any inspiration or encouragement for us?

Just have a go!  Even if all you can do is just colouring, you can make your bible change and speak to you in different ways by being creative in it.  Make sure you spend lots of time in the word.

7. Please share a photo of your favourite mug!

This mug is “I am enough” and is one of my Identity collection mugs.  I love this one as it seems to be something I write in my diary a lot and is something that as women we need to take hold of and believe.

I am enough mug

Huge thanks to Haidee for taking the time to talk to me during the busyness of launching Holy Hope’s first ever Bible Journaling Kits.  I do hope you will head over and check out all the other lovely items on her website too, and I will be praying that the launch goes well in April!

Balloon Bible Page

The Story Behind The Page – Balloons

the story behind the page balloons

I’m not sure about you, but I love to see other people’s bible journaling pages.  Sometimes they spark something in me and inspire a new page in my own bible, and sometimes I just love to see other people’s styles.  However, when you see the pretty picture on Instagram or Pinterest you don’t always get the full story behind that page.  The beauty of bible journaling is that it is creative worship of our amazing God, and so for me I often find that each page is a product of a situation in my life, lesson learnt or meditation that has revealed something to me.  They might not always make sense to others, but each page is special to me and God.

So on reflection I thought I would share some of the stories behind my pages, to show you my process and inspiration.  I hope you enjoy and maybe pick up some tips for your own journaling. Today I will be talking about this page:

Balloon Bible Page

Starting with the sky

This page started out as a bit of a play around with watercolours at our Doncaster Bible Journaling “Craft and Chill” night.  I’d seen an idea on Pinterest where you used a cardboard cut out of cloud shapes and painted above it to leave a white cloud shape below.  I loved how this could make a sky themed background, so gave it a go.  I chose the page of a verse that had been written out on a post it on my desk at work for the past few weeks:

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.”  Romans 15:13

I think in the version on my desk it had the phrase “confident hope” in it too.  Over the past few months I have heard that gentle whisper from God asking me to “trust him” and so many verses with that phrase in had been coming up in my everyday life.  This was just one of them.

After creating the sky I got a bit stuck – I knew I wanted the words of the verse somewhere on the page but I wasn’t sure where.  I decided to let it sit for a few days and see if inspiration hit.

the idea for the balloons

After a few days of not having any clue how to finish this page off, I was scrolling once again through Pinterest when a scrapbooking page caught my attention where a big bunch of balloons had been made out of die cut hearts.  I loved this idea!  I thought of how it linked in nicely with the verse where God is “filling you with all joy and peace” in the same way that balloons are filled with air.  It would look great against the sky background, but I didn’t think my heart shaped hole punch would make big enough hearts for me to write on.

close up of balloons

So instead I chose to trace a picture of a big bunch of balloons using my phone as a lightbox (this is where you get the image you want to trace up on your phone screen and place a piece of paper over it and copy it).  Once I had the outline of my bunch of balloons I then sketched out the words of the verse using pencil.  I wanted the focus to be on the words “TRUST IN HIM” as those were the words I really felt God speaking over me at the time.  Maybe other words might stand out to you, so you can really alter the layout to highlight what you want to.

With the general layout in place I got my coloured pencils out and coloured in the balloons (this was lots of fun and very colourful!).  I then went back over my words using a black fine liner so that they stood out clearly.

Its all in the detail

Full view of balloons and stringNow that the main parts of the page were finished I just needed to put it all together.  I wanted to add some nice details, and I think that they are what pull pages together and make them feel special.  So I looked out this paper string I had bought in IKEA years ago for the strings on the balloon and added a cloud themed tab to the top of the page.  I am still undecided as to whether or not to add some glitter to the edges of the clouds – what do you all think?!

Even though I love how the colourful balloons look on the cloud background, I think the bit that stands out and makes this page special to me is the phrase “TRUST IN HIM”.  That is what God is teaching me right now.

How can you use the ideas from this page and make it into your own?  Is there a verse that you love at the moment that you can write onto balloons?  Or perhaps you can steal the sky idea.  I would love to hear how you use this inspiration for your own works of worship.

Rachel x