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Welcome to my blog! My name is Rachel, and there are two main things you should know about me:

I’m a mum – I have two energetic, muddy, noisy, tiring boys who take up a lot of my time! I love them to bits and enjoy every challenge they throw at me (as well as all the cuddles) but I am also a realist. Motherhood isn’t easy and a lot of the time we are all just muddling our way through. So on my blog here I like to share the ups and downs of real life as a mum. And I don’t care if you are a working mum or a full time mum – if you have a child then you are a mum and you still feel the weight of responsibility that those little lives put on you. So please relax and enjoy my tales of mumhood….

I’m a christian – I am probably what you would call a “born again” christian, but I’m not a big fan of that label! So I would just say I have a living, moving, breathing, active relationship with my Creator, God, that was made possible through my Saviour, Jesus, when he died on the cross to forgive my sin. I love the freedom that knowing God brings me, and I am excited for others to know that freedom too. Hopefully I’ll show you all that Christians aren’t weird people (although I am slightly crazy sometimes) who try to ram the bible down your throat, but that all we really want to do is love the world just as much as God does and to show that to others. I am not perfect (Christianity isn’t about that) so I will share my mistakes with you and show you how God is living and moving in my life to change me and the world around me for the better. Join me on this amazing journey as I am a mum on a mission….
There are lots of other things that make me me, but I am sure you’ll get to know them as you journey with me on my blog (such as HS2, bible journaling, mummy meditation, pudding and much much more)

Psst – what is mission and why are you on it?
A mission is just a task or assignment given to someone. For me, I am talking about my Christian Mission to go into the world and tell others about Jesus (Matthew 28:19). So when I say I am a “Mum on a Mission” it just means that I am using my role as a mum in my local community to help me share the love of Jesus with others. Simples!

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