Spring Book Reviews

Are you ready for a bit of sunshine in your life?  Excited to be starting the exit the great cold and darkness that is winter?  Well have a read through my latest book reviews to find somethings that might give you some inspiration ready for Spring!

(Disclaimer: I was sent these books for free to review, but all opinions are my own)

The Essential Guide to Family Ministry

I have found this book so fascinating, and for anyone who is involved in children’s or families ministry, or church leadership in general, I think this is a must read.   The first part of the book sets up how family life has changed through the generations, leading us to the world we find ourselves in now.  How the “extended family” of the pre-1900’s where everyone lived close and was in and our of each others lives changed to the “nuclear family” ideal of the 50’s and 60’s, to the many many different ways that families can be now, with more acceptance of step-families, working families and dispersed families.

The author then goes on to talk about the theology behind family ministry and what it should look like in our churches today.  That actually we need to encourage faith at home, be more inter-generational rather than always splitting off age groups, and be missional in our activities too.

The last part of the book outlines 7 habits for highly effective family ministry, and these are all really thought provoking.  It has certainly got me thinking about how I plan the activities in my new role.  So if you are re-thinking how you reach families or just if it is even important, then this is one to read.

Available to buy for £8.99 from the BRF website. 

Parenting for faith course booklets and DVD

If you haven’t heard me talking about how great the Parenting for Faith Course is already, then let me say it again!  I LOVE the parenting for faith course.  So when I got sent the printed copies of the resources to review I was over the moon.  I ran the course using all the free online versions of the videos and booklets, but I have to say that sometimes people didn’t bother to watch the videos at home or print off the booklets.  So to have it on DVD would mean that you can easily watch this in churches where there is no wifi (yes those places do still exist!!) and altogether as as group.  I loved the quality of both the leaders and participants books, and there is plenty of space to write answers in.   The booklets would be much better looked after than flimsy print outs and hopefully would mean people would keep looking back at the materials and resources from the course in the future.

You can check out all the different bundles and resources in this series here on the BRF website.

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