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This week I have had the huge privilege of being sent some new Children’s CD’s by to review, both of which appeal to my children (and me as a new Children’s Worker in Church!).  I’ve also reviewed an extra album which I bought myself too!  So buckle up ready for some rocking reviews…..

Awesome Cutlery – All Together Now

I hadn’t come across Awesome Cutlery before, although I was vaguely aware that every time some asked for recommendations for family devotion books they were mentioned.  This is a really fun CD to listen to, as there are little sketches interspersed with songs.  The sketches are conversations between Captain Awesomeness and Cutlery Boy (just the concept of this made my boys giggle) and in hilarious situations they try to find parallels with God and our faith.  It is done very well, and the songs that follow are often along the same themes.

Some of the songs are a bit cheesy (its a kids CD afterall) but some are really catchy!  It’s not ear vomit (like the annoying songs our alexa is asked to play on repeat….), and I have happily listened to this in the car on my own even without the kids there.

I think my favourite song is “Who I am”.   The CD is only £9.99 and available online here.

Dumbrocks – Your Word

Not sure if this is specifically a kids CD, but the upbeat songs definitely would appeal to children.  Every song is linked to a specific bible verse and has a strong biblical message.  Again I am loving the songs and listening to them on repeat in the car.  There are some simpler ones on here that would work for congregational songs, but if not then it makes good background music for family events and activities.

My favourite song has to be “Awesome Redeemer” which is sung in a round, and is one that I am planning to use in my children’s work.  The CD is £10 and available online here. 

Rend Co Kids – Sparkle Pop Rampage

OK, so I have a disclaimer here.  When Rend Collective first came on the scene I disliked them greatly.  They murdered one of my favourite old style hymns, and I hadn’t forgiven them.  My Lighthouse was an annoyance to me and I was generally grumpy in their direction.  But as my children’s ministry has increased, and I’ve seen the reaction to their music, I have softened.  So much so that I bought this myself on a book stall last weekend!  It is a little on the crazy side (this one is definitely just for kids!), and there are some hits and some misses on this album, but all in all it’s a whole lot of fun!

My favourite songs are “God is a Scientist” and “My Gods the King of Me”.  Both very catchy and funny, and my 6 year old finds the list of things that God created (which repeats “pandas and nostrils and trees” many times) absolutely hilarious.  This is a must buy if you have younger kids, and I am hoping to use a few of the songs in church.

You can buy it online here for only £7.63.

NOTE: I was sent two of these CD’s for free to review here on my blog.  My thoughts above are all my own. 

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