What I’m Reading This Summer

Who doesn’t love a good reading list!  Since getting a kindle, I’ve been reading lots of fiction books, but I’ve also got a big pile of normal books that I’m looking forward to reading.  So if you need some inspiration for over the summer then here we go…..

(DISCLAIMER – I was gifted copies of The Heart of God and The Mind Muddler by 10ofthose.com and gifted a copy of Are We Brave Enough? by the author)


A devotional style book, this has three months worth of material to help you pray through the scriptures.  I am finding this book really interesting, as my prayers are normally quite freestyle, so this is challenging me to increase their content and form.  In the introduction the author explains that over the centuries people have tended to two extremes – either excessive form (too repetitive) or excessive freedom (whatever comes to mind).

If you find yourself in one of those categories with your prayers then give this book a try.  Each day has some scripture to read and pray and also some questions to inspire prayer around that scripture, so it is a good mix of form and freedom.

The Mind Muddler

Ok, so this is technically a kids book, but its been an interesting read and sparked some thoughts about concepts I wanted to teach my kids.  It is tackling the subject of sin and how to explain that to children through rhyme and fun graphics.  I still think its a bit confusing for children, as sometimes the concept is lost through wanting the words to rhyme, but overall it is a helpful book to add to your collection.  It talks well about how our thinking gets skewed and tangled and we don’t see things clearly without God.  There are also lots of resources at the back of the book to help parents and downloadable resources online to go along with it.


52 Uncommon Dates

Early this year I read the 5 Love Languages for the first time, and found it to be really helpful in the way I looked at my marriage. However, its not always easy to put everything into practice!!  Gary Chapman who wrote the 5 Love Languages does a foreword in this book, and the author takes the love languages into account all the way through this.

It is a really fun clash of practical ideas and including the bible in our marriages.  It has 52 ideas for dates that married couples can do, with a bible verse to inspire it, things to pray around it, how to make it happen and ideas on how to use it to love someone with different primary love languages.  All in all its a bit of fun with the bible thrown in too, an idea match in my opinion!  I have yet to put one of the dates into practice – I feel they might be once a month and so this book will last us an eternity!

Are We Brave ENough?

I was gifted this book by the author and was really excited to get reading it as the author has been instrumental in the church unity movement here in Doncaster for many years.  Having been a part of many different denominations of church and seeing the different styles of worship on offer, I strongly believe that the church as a whole is stronger when we work together instead of pitting ourselves against each other.  This book provide 5 changes/challenges to ourselves and our churches if we want to see our local areas transformed by the church as a whole.

Peppered with lots of illustrations and first hand stories from the front line, this is a challenging read for all Christians to see the church as a whole body and not our own separate kingdoms.



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