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“Hide and Seek” Step-by-Step Bible Page

I love journaling through my bible, especially using the verses we are studying in our Mummy Meditations group.  It really helps me to remember the key messages and to reflect on what I have learnt, as well as being super fun.  So this is the first in a series of step-by-step posts showing how I have created some of my pages in my journaling bible.  If you enjoy it then check out the rest of my bible journaling posts here.

Step 1

The first thing I did was to prepare my page with two layers of gesso.  I knew I had lots of inking and embossing planned, so needed to protect the pages.  I then masked off the key verse (Genesis 16:13) using thin washi tape so that I could peel it back later to reveal it.  I put a bit of scrap paper under the page I was working on so that nothing went through to the next pages.

masking page

step 2

My next step was to create a background to work on, so I used purple ink.  I would normally use watercolours, but found this in my craft box and thought I’d give it a try!  I just turned it upside down and twisted it around on the page until I had covered most of the area.  It made a nice twisty pattern in some areas.

ink on bible page

step 3

Next I wanted to add a bit of texture and deepen the background, so I chose to add some purple embossing to the left hand side of the page.  I turned my embossing ink pad over and just dabbed it in a few places up the side before sprinkling on the embossing powder, shaking off the excess and heating.

purple embossing powder

step 4

I wanted to highlight the chosen verse some more, so I dabbed some more embossing ink around the area that I had masked off with washi tape.  I then peeled off the washi tape before sprinkling some “enchanted gold” powder on the area, shaking off (using a dry paint brush to make sure there was none over my chosen verse) and heating.

gold embossing powdergold embossing on bible

step 5

Next I started to add the detail to this page.  The theme that I decided to go for was “hide and seek” – picking up on the fact that Hagar fled from Sarai.  I used this lovely gold glittery stickers that I picked up from Home Bargains.

stickers on page

step 6

I added on a pair of hands that I had cut out from pink paper and glued them down at the wrists so that they could be flapped open.

hands added to pageflapping hands
step 7

Next I added the word seek in lettering using a black sharpie (this was because the page was quite shiny after embossing so needed a permanent marker to stay put).  I also made a little envelope which contains the words the angel of the Lord said to Hagar and stuck it to one of the hands at the bottom.

seek added to page

step 8

I added some final embellishments including a washi tape arrow and ampersand sticker.  I then put a bible tab in the same colour theme to mark the page, as well as a secret message behind the to hands…..

stickers on pagebible tab

secret hands


There you have it!

Well I hope you’ve enjoyed this walk through of how I created this page.  As I mentioned, this is the verse that I will be meditating on over the coming week in my mummy meditations group, so come and join us if you want to!

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