2018 Family Bucket List

family bucket list

Do you ever sit down and think about what adventures you’d like to do with your kids?  Rather than just doing the same old thing, and with all the shiny possibilities of 2018 looming bright ahead of us, I thought I would put together a bucket list of things that I’d love to do with my little family.

  1. Visit a Loch in Scotland
  2. Visit the National Coal Mining Museum
  3. Go to a climbing centre
  4. Visit all the local museums in Doncaster, our home town
  5. Go Geocaching
  6. Teach Sam to ride his bike without stabilisers
  7. Decorate the boys bedroom
  8. Spend a whole Saturday in our pyjamas
  9. Toast marshmallows together
  10. Explore a cave
  11. Buy a metal detector and use it on the beach
  12. Make our own ice cream sundaes
  13. Choose a child to sponsor through Compassion
  14. Learn about beekeeping
  15. Fill up our memory box and need a new one
  16. Build a treehouse
  17. Make a sign for our new house
  18. Grow something impressive
  19. Draw a treasure map
  20. Go on the train to a new place and explore together

Share in the comments what things you would put on your family bucket list……

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One thought on “2018 Family Bucket List

  1. Amanda says:

    Oh I love this so much Rachel! I wonder how many you’ll be able to tick off by the end of this year? 🙂

    Mine currently includes getting well enough to do things as a family, and then it will focus on experiences: visit the seaside; training journey to explore London; a camping adventure… Oscar actually told us over dinner last night that he wants to fly to France, stay there for 8 days, and camp haha I have no idea where this case from, but it’s very specific!

    Thanks for joining in with #sharethejoylinky xx

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