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A Catch Up Cuppa with Michelle Pannell

Michelle Pannell

Back in June last year, I had my first virtual cuppa with Michelle Pannell, blogger over at Mummy from the Heart.  And since then we have become good friends online and Michelle is a constant inspiration to me of what the next stage of parenting my own children should look like.  So I was very excited when she agreed to have another cuppa with me and let me know how things have been going.  Pull up a chair and join us……

Hey you!  Its been a year or so since we last spoke, so remind us a bit about yourself in one sentence…
I’m Mich, mum to three and writer at Mummy from the Heart. Gods placed me in the privileged position right now of being able to be home to support my husband, be with our kids and volunteer for various local charities.
What has happened in the last year for you and your family?
If I’m honest I’ve avoided responding to your questions Rachel as I read this one and though ‘well, nothing’. Life is exactly the same as it was this time last year and I felt a bit inadequate but then I got over myself and placed my eyes back on God and realised I am right where he wants me to be at the moment. My husband is a Director at the Christian conference centre where we live and as part of this community we get to nurture and care for around fifty international volunteers at a time. Living here also means I can volunteer for a number of charities like the food bank, school PTA, homeless night shelter and TLG coaching a vulnerable child. Our children are growing up surrounded by amazing Christian role models and I have the time to focus on what God is asking me to do, which is work through many character traits and past issues.
Have there been any answers to prayer or moments when you have seen God moving really clearly?
From January to May I took part Ina Freedom in Christ course and this was really good. I found myself relearning all Gods truths that I seem to have let slip over the last decade. The follow up interviews have been even more revealing and God has been speaking to me powerfully about staying in tune with him and not letting my will get in the way.
How have your kids grown and changed?  Has this changed your parenting style?!
Obviously they are all growing up but a year hasn’t made too much difference at their ages. My girls are 10 and now in year 6, so we’ve just had the joy of secondary school visits and making their applications. JJ is 14 and in year 9 and he continues to do well in school but we are having to coax him out of his bedroom and the online world and want to do more outdoors activities. I don’t think my parenting style has changed, I’m very open with the kids and give them a good amount of responsibility but they have firm boundaries to work within.
What does the next year hold for you and what can we be praying for?
I have no idea and God is telling me to just enjoy that. We moved to where we now live because God asked us to and we’ll move again when he next makes it clear we should, so this makes it a little difficult for forward planning. At the moment God has told me to keep working on getting fit for purpose, this means working on breaking strongholds around my weight and overeating. So please pray that I hear God more clearly than the devil and I can make the choices that will help me be ready for whatever He decides is next.
Have you come across any great resources for mission or teaching our children about the bible that you can share with us all?
Not really, as a family we don’t tend to use any aids to study together. Our conversations tend to come from our individual bible readings, school lessons and things just going on in our community life.
Finally – show us a pic of your favourite mug!
cath kidson mug
One of my many Cath Kidsons
Thank you so much for joining me again Michelle, and I will be praying for break through in getting fit this coming year. x

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