monthly inspiration from rachel ridler mum on a mission

October Inspiration

monthly inspiration from rachel ridler mum on a mission

I am BRIMMING with inspiration for October!!!  So I hope that you will enjoy my collection of links, likes and lovely things that you can find below…..

  • Tiny Treasure Boxes – I love love love the Treasure Box People and me and Sam really enjoy working through the bible stories together every month.  Well now they have launched a box suitable for under 3’s!! Becky shares in this facebook live what is included in the new Tiny Treasures Box.
  • UCB’s Bag of Hope – I mentioned these over on my facebook page, so here is the link to the bags of hope that you can use to share the love of Jesus with trick or treaters on Halloween.
  • Parenting for Faith Course – I am really interested in doing this free course, and the video linked explains why this is might be useful for parents like me who want to help their children grow up in faith.
  • The Man Upstairs – Go Chatter is a really interesting you tube channel creating videos that try to draw out what we think about certain topics.  This video questions where we get our image of God from and its a really good question to ask ourselves sometimes…

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