Eve Week 2 – Made to be man’s helper

Welcome to the second week looking into the character of Eve with us.  Naomi started us off by delving into how Eve was made in the image of God – you can read her post here.   This week we turned our attention to how Eve was made to be Adam’s helper by meditating on this verse:

“The Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone.  I will make a suitable helper for him.”  Genesis 2:18

Not good for the man to be alone

Whilst we were all meditating on this verse, one of our Facebook community mentioned that she was focusing on teaching her daughter the importance of community.  Yes Adam, tgenesis chapter 2 verse 18he man, had all that he needed to survive – food, shelter, relationship with his creator God.  But still God says that it is not good for him to be alone. After all the things that God has created and declared to be good in Genesis 1, this is the first thing that is not good – loneliness.

So my first lesson and challenge from this passage is this – do you welcome, promote and persevere to create community with others?  Whether this be in our marriages and families or in our local communities, it is not good for anyone to be alone.  According to the “New Economics Foundation“, loneliness costs UK employers £2.5 billion per year, as it impacts health, carers commitments to the lovely over work, well-being of employees and productivity.  We know that it has many more impacts socially, mentally and spiritually, and God knew this right at the beginning.  We need others around to help us, support us and love us for us to thrive.   So if we want to be more like Eve, lets think about how can we build community and look out for those who might be lonely?

Who should fill the gap?

With a need arising for a “suitable helper“, who or what will God use to fill the gap?  Clearly animals, although cute and cuddly, aren’t quite right for that role, so what was God looking for?  To understand this more I look at the definitions of those two words:

SUITABLE – appropriate to a purpose, right or acceptable for person or purpose

After reading this I looked back at the verse (and only that verse!) to determine what God’s purpose was for the helper.  The ONLY purpose he states here is that they will make the man not be alone.  The only purpose that God is looking at when he creates Eve is for a companion who would be there with Adam.  There is no mention of a wife, of procreation, of childbearing, of sharing the workload of stewarding the earth.  All that Eve needs to be is a companion that is right for Adam.

Is eve worth less as a helper?

The word helper to me has sometimes conjured up negative things.  That the presence or need of helper either demeans the original person as they can’t do it on their own, or demeans the helper as they are not as good as the actual person doing it.  So lets look at what it actually means:

HELPER – give assistance to, make it easier for, contribute to the effectiveness of something, provide relief.

A turning point for me in understanding this term was to look at other places the same Hebrew words is used.  One example is Psalm 33:20:

“We wait in hope for the Lord; he is our HELP and our shield”

If the word help/helper is used about God then it can’t be a negative thing – Eve was only ever meant to empower and increase the effectiveness of Adam as his job as steward of the earth.   And that role was perfect for Eve, in no way making her less or more important than Adam but equally important. Without Eve, Adam wouldn’t be able to do his job.

What we know is coming

Has anyone else found it really hard to forget what we know is coming next in the story- the fall??  I have tried really hard to focus just on this verse and the story so far, so why not try doing that with next week’s verse:

Then the Lord made a woman from the rib he had taken out of man, and he brought her to the man.  The man said “This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called “woman” for she was taken out of man“.  Genesis 2:22-23

Naomi from The Organised Life Project will be leading the discussion in our Facebook community next week and writing up the summary post, so why not sign up below and take part!  Its so much more fun doing this together… (plus there are FREE workbooks, phone lock screens, daily prompts and more!)

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