autumn reading wishlist

Autumn Reading Wishlist

autumn reading wishlist

After writing my Summer reading wishlist, I have felt really inspired and motivated to buy and read the books I mentioned.  So I want to carry that on every season, starting with my new Autumn reading wishlist.  This time I have included some books for the boys too, I hope you enjoy it!

  • A Christmas Family Godventure by Victoria Beech – I have always been inspired by the christmas godventure bookresources that Victoria from Godventure produces, and I will be lucky enough to go to a workshop she is running down in Nottingham next month.  I also want to make this Christmas really meaningful, now that Sam has started school and will have other voices influencing his opinions of it.  I will be getting a head start by reading through this and thinking about what activities we will do in the lead up to Christmas – why not buy yourself one in advance too?
  • Eric Says Thanks by Dai Hankey – After reviewing the third book in this series, Eric Says Please, I am loving Dai’s style of writing and way of communicating biblical principles through story.  I would like to get this for the boys to read – maybe it will go on the Christmas list!
  • by Jodi Picoult – I am enjoying having a novel on the go at the moment, as I don’t have to think too much whilst I am reading.  I picked up this book from our local Re-Read stand, where you can donate books and take a free one too.  I used to love Jodi’s books which take a legal grey area and challenge your thinking on it.
  • by Francis Chan –  We started reading this book as a lifegroup and following the DVD series, but we got stuck halfway through. It was really eye opening though as to what our relationship with God should truly be like that I want to make sure I finish it this year.

What books are you planning to snuggle up and read now that the nights are drawing in?

autumn reading wishlist

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