self control

Mummy Meditations – Self Control (Week 2)

self control

Welcome to week two of our look at the fruit of Self Control.  Naomi did an amazing job in starting off this month – check it out over on her blog.   This week we had a short and snappy verse from the Psalms, and it has been repeating round and round in my head all week:

“Like a city whose walls are broken through is a person who lacks self-control”.  Psalm 25:28

why a city wall?

The Psalmist uses this analogy of a city wall, but why?  A city wall provides strength and protection to all those inside the city. We don’t really have them now, as we live in times of “peace”, where we don’t have to fear for anyone coming at anytime to take what is ours. But back in biblical times there were very real and constant threats. So having a wall was a great defence system. It protected what was valuable to you.

However, a city whose walls are broken is a potential target – it doesn’t matter if that break is only small, it is compromised. The enemy can get in through the weak point and get to the valuable things inside (people, possessions, food). So how does that apply to us?

What are we protecting?

We already know that we are protecting something valuable, so what is it? I think the Psalmist here is talking about our hearts and the amazing relationship we can have with God.  If we are not careful in protecting it, then anyone and anything can steal, ruin and destroy the relationship we have with God and ultimately break our hearts.

How are we protecting it?

The protection for our hearts is not a physical one, but an emotional and spiritual one – being self controlled.  By ensuring that we control our actions and do those things that will please God, we will protect our relationship with Him, giving no cause for disunity or guilt in that relationship and hence ensuring nothing else breaks in and hurts our hearts.  Self control might sounds really boring, and in a way we think it plays into the whole “Christians have to live by a set of rules” thing, but actually it is just understanding what things will harm our relationship with God and staying away from them.  It comes out of that relationship and wanting to protect it, rather than having to follow a list of rules for acceptance.

What will happen if we don’t protect it?

If we don’t protect our hearts and our relationship with God then the devil will easily break in and destroy it.  He will steal it from us, and leave us feeling guilty, ashamed and in disunity with God.  There is no worse place to be.  So that is why this fruit is so vital for us as Christians, without it we lose our relationship with God and everything we enjoy in that.

next week

As we carry on our look at self control, we will all be studying and meditating on the following verse:

“For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline” 2 Timothy 1:7

Do join Naomi next Sunday as she summarises what we have learnt through it.  If you would like to join our Mummy Meditations community and take part in discussions throughout the week, as well as having access to free resources and ideas on how to share the verse with your children, then sign up below!

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