Thinking about my funeral…

Well this is a cheery title for a blog post isn’t it!  Now I want to start off by saying that I am not dying (well no more than all of us are by getting older every year) but I watched something this week that really challenged me.

In our Lifegroup we are currently going through Crazy Love, an audio book and dvd series to help us discover and get to grips with the true love of God.  The chapter in question was number 4, and the audio book had spoken a lot about being a luke warm christian – you know the kind that is talked about in revelation that God will “spit out”.  But it was the video that hit me.  Like a tonne of bricks.

In the video, Francis Chan talks about different kinds of funerals he has officiated at, and how joy filled some can be when you know for certain that person is now up with Jesus in heaven.  Contrast that to those where there is no hope, or those where you couldn’t really be sure.  When I leave this earth, I want everyone to be sure where I am going!  I want there to be everyone there who I have spent time with and influenced over my lifetime, and I want there to be a gospel message that doesn’t leave a dry eye in the house because everyone knows its the truth.  I want to live out a life where Jesus shines through so much that there is NO DOUBT in who my trust is in.

But in order for that to happen, I have to start now.  I have to start making sure I don’t hide my faith.  I have to start making sure prayer is central and that I find joy in every circumstance because I know my God is faithful.  I have to start making every opportunity count to share the love of Jesus.  I have to start stepping out into scary things and doing the extra-ordinary, because if I don’t then who will?

Sometimes people ask you the horrible question of “what would you want written on your gravestone?”.  Well this is what I would want:

Woman after God’s own heart and daughter of the king.
Spiritual mother to many, advocate of hospitality and evangelist.  may the angels celebrate her arrival into heaven with a cup of tea and cake, and us on earth do the same!

Now I just have the hard part of actually being that person….

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