summer reading wish list

My Reading Wish List – Summer 2017

summer reading wish list

Leaders are learners – this is the biggest thing I learnt whilst taking on my church’s leadership academy a couple of years ago.  I don’t always find time to read, but I also love to be encouraged and just relax by reading.  For all those reasons I decided to put together a reading wish list.  And I thought you might to share in it.  I would LOVE for you to put some suggestions forward in the comments of what you are loving reading.

  • .   I loved JoJo Moyes first novel, .  It made me love reading again after a bit of a dry spell (and no – the film really isn’t as good).  So I can’t wait to read the follow up to it and see how the main character copes with the ending.
  • .   Recommended by an amazing lady from the Captivated Mum’s group on facebook, I am looking forward to the challenge that this book might be to me.
  • .  I had the pleasure of reviewing Becky’s first book, , when it was released and feeling as though she was sat right next to me as I read it.  The first book was all about being a mum, and her second steps over into looking at being a wife.
  • 10 Ways To Fall In Love With Your Bible And Stay In Love – Shanna Noel.   I am totally adoring bible journaling at the mo, and really do think it can help you fall back in love with studying the bible. This new book from Shanna Noel, founder of Illustrated Faith, sounds really inspiring for anyone creative.  Only snatch is that this is only available in the US so there’s a hefty shipping fee.

What is on your reading wish list this summer?  I would love some more suggestions so please do share them in the comments!

summer reading wish list

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