fruit of the spirit goodness

Mummy Meditations – Goodness Week 2

fruit of the spirit goodness

Welcome to our second week look at the spiritual fruit of goodness.  If you missed the opening post then do head over to Naomi’s blog to catch up!  Lets start off by reminding ourselves of the verse this week:
matthew 5:16

I am going to work through the verse in little sections this week, as each section has said something prominent and clear to me.  Lets start off with….

In the same way…

Looking back at the verses before this one in Matthew, he is talking about how we wouldn’t put a lamp under a bowl and hide it, how a city on a hill cannot be hidden.  I think this part of the verse just highlights how important this next bit is – it has had a two verse introduction and build up (a sort of drum roll if you please!).  It is like Matthew is trying to hold a big foam finger at this  saying “this verse and you are important!!!  You NEED/MUST/CAN’T NOT let your light shine“.  Part of goodness is recognising what is already inside of you.  Because of the Holy Spirit living in you, you have this amazing light and goodness that radiates from you.  To grow in this fruit of the spirit perhaps we just need to realise what lives inside us already?

Let your light shine before others….

Now that you’ve realised what lives inside you, the second part of growing in goodness is actually making sure that others can see the difference in you.  Its now time to start radiating the goodness that God has given to your life since becoming part of it.  Share it, own it, shout about it, let it be known!  Because what use is a Christian that hides away the GOOD NEWS of the gospel of Jesus?  I might not spell out all the details of the gospel to everyone I meet in the street, but I am always honest and open about my faith wherever I go, and try to share answers to prayer with others and encourage people with prayer when I can.  This week has made me think about how I can let my light shine more (or more obviously anyway!).

That they may see your good deeds….

Goodness requires action.  Good deeds means that we can’t just stand still and expect others to know that we are good, but that we have to actually do something that is good.   So what exactly is a good deed?  I think it is something that makes a positive impact on someone else’s life.  Good deeds don’t automatically happen though, so this will require some effort on our part.  Whether that is buying a gift for someone, offering to help someone in need with time, money, assistance, company – it all require planning and often stepping out of our comfort zones every now and then.  But there is a very good reason to do this..

And glorify your Father in heaven

As Christians, we never do good deeds just to big ourselves up.  It’s never for boasting or for points.  No.  It is so we can point to our good good Father in Heaven.  We can show that our DNA is the same as His – to show goodness to others.  God gets all the glory for our good deeds and so there is no limit to how good we can and should be.

Next week

Take part in our Mummy Meditations next week and join us in studying and pondering another verse from Matthew:

“Likewise, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit” Matthew 7:17

Naomi will be posting the summary post next Sunday, and you can join in the discussions and get free resources to support you by joining our Mummy Meditations community using the form below:

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