birthday on a budget

Birthday on a budget – Mr Man themed ideas

birthday on a budget

If you missed part 1 of my “Birthday on a budget” series then read it here.  It contains all the principles that you need to plan a cheap but amazing party.  In this post I am going to be talking about the ideas I have put together for my eldest sons Mr Man themed party.

party bags

So every kids loves a party bag, and I love to give unique things to people too.  So instead of traditional party bags with rubbishy plastic toys in them that noone plays with, I have ordered every child a Mr Man book.  Now this sounds expensive doesn’t it?!  But by going via ebay I managed to get a job lot of 10 Mr Man books for only £4.  I am going to use some Mr Man party bags which cost about £2 for 8 via ebay.  Add a few maoam and a slice of cake and its sorted!


As we already have most of the Mr Man library collection, I thought I might use them to decorate the room rather than having to buy new costly decoration that will just get thrown out.  I am going to hang string from the corners and then put the Mr Man books over the string (much like people do with christmas cards in December).

birthday cake

I love to make my own, but sometimes buying everything to decorate it can cost just as much as buying one!  I am going simple again and make a Mr Bump cake.  It can be round (I already have round cake tins so thats easy!) and I only need two icing colours – blue and white.  Then I can use a black icing pen for the details.

party games

I am going to stick with some of the classics and just add a Mr Man theme to them.  For pass the parcel I bought some Mr Man stickers in the sale after christmas so those will be the prizes in the middle (not sure I will put sweets in all the layers because I’m stingy!!).  I am going to make my own “pin the nose on Mr Nosey” game with some old wall paper I have stashed away.  Who can resist the very cheap games of musical statues and musical chairs?  All you need for those is a bag of lollies or sweets for the winner to pick from.  Finally, I spotted this great Mr Man themed take on the bean game where you call out Mr Man characters and the kids have to walk round in a circle doing the related action.

Party food

I have already stocked up on pizzas (£1 each) and chips.  I am staying simple!  Kids love pizza and its easy to cook.  Pudding will most likely be birthday cake, although I may splash out and make something else the night before.


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