Bible Journaling Goodies from God at My House

Last year I bought myself a lovely new bible and started a “journey into bible journaling“.  I had never heard of it before then, but the idea of creating art as a response to God’s word thrilled me and I was intrigued.  I have dabbled over the last year, struggling to find time and not having the money to spend on supplies.  But the more I do it, the more I love it, and today I want to share with you a fantastic website with affordable materials to get your started doing some bible journaling.

parcel from God at my house

I was very excited to get in touch with Rachel from God at My House.  I had just sent some links to my hubby for some of her products for inspiration for my birthday (does anyone else do that?!) and thought I would ask if I could review some things and share with you, my readers.  Rachel happily agreed and I received this beautifully wrapped parcel a few days later.

Inside the lovely blue tissue paper were three special items.

I shall talk through each item and show you how I have used them in my bible journaling so far.

Bible journaling tabs

bible tabsAt only £2 for a pack of 14, these are a bargain and a definite must have!  There are two different styles on the website, colour pop and dreamy.  I got sent the dreamy ones which are in lovely pastel colours and patterns.  There are a few ways in which you can use these.  Some people like to tab all the books in their bible so they can find them easier.  Normally this is done will the tabs sticking out the side of the bible.  You can use these for this and write the book names on yourself, attaching the tabs with washi tape.

Alternatively you could use them to mark up special passages or pages where you have done artwork.  You might want to put the tabs along the top of your bible if you are doing this so you know it is different.  Again, just attached them to the top of the page using washi tape or glue.

Finally, you could use this in a scrapbook kind of way and stick on a page in your bible.  Be as creative as you want!  Here is what I did with mine:

bible tab in bible

Bible journaling cards

bible journaling cardsThese lovely little cards are printed on really good quality card stock and are another bargain at only £4 for 14 of them.  They are ideal for writing prayer requests of thoughts as you go through your bible.  Perhaps you are not in a really creative mood but you still want to mark a part of a passage, then you could put one of these cards in as a reminder for another day.  There are lots of different designs in the pack (no two are the same).

Here is an example of how you could use them:

card in bible

Pray more (worry less) journal

pray more worry less journalPerhaps the idea of drawing in your bible isn’t for you, but you still want to be creative in your time with God.  Then this journal would be ideal.  It is filled with blank white paper just ready for you to pour out your worship on to.  You could also use it as a prayer journal to document your prayer requests (and answers!)

These would make excellent gifts, perhaps for baptisms or other special occasions.  This is one of many designs that are only £5.50 on the website.  Why not treat yourself or a friend to a special gift.

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