Halfway Through our 40acts Adventure!

mum on a mission takes on 40 acts

We have now passed the halfway mark in Lent and our 40acts adventure!  And I have to say that I am both loving it and being really challenged along the way.  The last two days have been particularly poignant with the dark events in London, and have brought an even greater focus on why we should be generous and a light in the darkness.

My eldest son, Sam, is also challenging me with his boldness in being generous.  We went out with the last of my box of freddo’s (which I had done miserably at getting rid of on the train to Edinburgh last week) and he wanted to make sure everyone got one.  Even the random passers by got chased after and chocolate thrust into their hands! We went from childrens centre, to library, to post office, to park, to bus shelter.  Everywhere we could think and to everyone we normally interact with during the week to make sure they got a special treat.  We even made sure to save some for our neighbours who Sam had mentioned on the previous day’s facebook live video.

Here are my highlights since my last update:

  • Trying to give away a full box of freddo’s on chocolate tuesday and mostly failing!!
  • Giving away two bunches of flowers to two lovely ladies who have been bowled over by Sam’ thoughtfulness
  • Writing chalk messages on the car park of our estate for everyone to enjoy
  • People giving Sam lots of pennies for his generosity box whenever they visit
  • Doing my first prayer walk with Sam on the way home from nursery
  • Giving Sam’s swimming teacher (who he torments in his lessons!) a chocolate and leaving even more chocolates in the lockers
  • Sending my boss a thank you card for all she does for me and her letting me know how much that meant
  • Leaving trolley coins in a trolley
  • Sam handing out “compliments” from the take a compliments poster to all the mums in our stay and play session
Closing thought

With still a long way to go before we reach Easter, it might be easy to start getting tired of being generous.  But I know that the impact it makes is worth it.  In my Mummy Meditations group, we have been looking at the following verse, and for me I like to think that everyone I come into contact with might just be an angel and I don’t know it…..

Be ready with a meal or a bed when its needed. Why, some have extended hospitality to angels without ever knowing it!” Hebrews 13:2


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