mummy meditations - spiritual fruit of peace

Mummy Meditations – Peace (Week5)

mummy meditations - spiritual fruit of peace


Well I am quite sad to say this is the last week looking at the spiritual fruit of peace.  It has been such a journey, and a great month to start our new Mummy Meditations Community on as well.  Naomi has done a great write up that you can read here on this week’s verse.

I am now apprehensive/excited to start our month on patience – will you join me?  We will be looking at four characters from the bible who did/didn’t show patience and what we can learn from them.  The first verse and character can be found at the bottom of Naomi’s post.  If you would like to join our community where we can discuss the verse throughout the week and you will have access to free resources to help you then sign up below:

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