the wrong miracle

What if we’re looking for the wrong miracle?

the wrong miracle

Are you looking for a miracle in your life right now?  Are you praying and petitioning for healing or over-turning of a decision or something else completely?

Well what if you’re looking for the wrong miracle?

On my way to a prayer meeting at church last night I was listening to this song by Jesus Culture.  At the beginning of the song the worship leader shares that earlier that year him and his wife had lost a son.  He talks about how they were waiting for a miracle, believing that God would save their son.  But unfortunately it didn’t quite turn out the way they hoped.  In the midst of losing their son, they turned to song writing and wrote this really powerful song.  This song has moved more powerfully and spoken into the lives of more people than if God had done the miracle they asked for.

So maybe the miracle you want isn’t the one that God needs.

Jesus was expected by the Jews to be a warrior.  To be a fighter.  To physically free them from the grips of the Romans.  But that wasn’t the miracle that God needed.  If that is what Jesus had done, then yes the Jews would have been physically free on the earth for a few years.  But then another adversary would have come along at some point I’m sure.  The miracle that God did through Jesus was to spiritually free everyone on earth for eternity.  Now isn’t that just a little bit better!!!

what about my prayers though?

I am not trying to say that God won’t answer your prayers – perhaps the miracle you are asking for IS the right one.  But God knows infinitely more than me, so I am willing to trust that his miracle is the right one.  He always works for a greater purpose – to build up the church and gather more of his children back into his arms.  I am willing to accept that I might not always have those motivations at heart.

I have prayed for HS2 to not come through my estate. But I know that if HS2 coming through my estate means that more people are gathered back to their father and know his love and care that it is not the right miracle.  I am praying for my motivations to be aligned with God’s, so that as I pray for a miracle, I am praying for the right miracle!



2 thoughts on “What if we’re looking for the wrong miracle?

  1. Amanda says:

    I love this post – it is such a powerful reminder that sometimes we simply do not know what is the best thing for us (or for those around us) and the best we can do is trust in God to know this for us. Sometimes I will pray and say, “I would really like this, *or something better*” or “please help me with this, *if it is for the highest good for all*” or even simply, “I know I need something, but I don’t know what it is, please help me”. I find those prayers offer me the most relief and comfort, right from the moment I say that, because I know that I am truly trusting God to know what is best and am surrendering to that. Sometimes it is so powerful to not try and figure out what you need, don’t you think?

    • Rachel Ridler says:

      Thanks Amanda for popping over to my blog! Great to connect with you, and I totally agree that is so powerful to just let God work in the way he wants rather than us prescribing the way in which we think he should.

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