monthly inspiration from rachel ridler mum on a mission

January Inspiration

monthly inspiration from rachel ridler mum on a mission

Dig in to my links and likes for January and gather some inspiration for the New Year.

  • In December I was raving about the new Bible Colouring Calendar from the Bible Society.  Well here is the link to the artist who created it.  There are some lovely lettered prints and cards available here.  I like the Fruit of the Spirit print that ties in nicely with our Mummy Meditations theme at the moment!
  • Keeping on the bible journaling theme, I was very excited to find out that the Message is bringing out a new bible called The Message Canvas.  The Message uses creative language and metaphors to make scripture easier to understand .  The Canvas bible includes nearly 300 hand drawn illustrations for you to colour in and if you visit the website they are also releasing free colouring devotions and competitions to message canvas biblewin art supplies.
  • 40 acts has launched for 2017!  40 acts has made lent one of my favourite times of the year, and I think this will be the third or fourth year I have joined in.  Two years ago I blogged my way through the challenges, and last year was my first time involving Sam in 40 acts for families.  There are so many ways you can get involved and cultivate generosity in your own lives, your family’s lives, your small group or church.  Visit the website for a ton of free resources, including bible studies,  and sign up to take part!

2 thoughts on “January Inspiration

  1. Alison Wale says:

    Hi Rachel! I’m glad I found you again! I love doing 40 Acts too, and followed your blog for a bit last year. I also blog about the challenges of 40 Acts, and I really agree with you that it makes Lent one of my favourite times of the year. I will be checking in with you from time to time. Sorry to hear about the fact that HS2 is going to plough through your lives – I really hope that you will be able to find a way to make this a real opportunity for you and your family. I pray for guidance & peace with the decisions you have to make, & guidance to do the right things.

    • Rachel Ridler says:

      Hi Alison, Thanks so much for your kind words. I am so glad its not just me who looks forward to 40 acts! I shall enjoy seeing what everyone is up to for it, and as I am a little less camera shy this year I might be posting some videos of us doing the acts on my facebook page so make sure you are following me!

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