authentic blog post

Being Authentic

authentic blog post

I am going to be authentic.

That is my promise to you all.

Would I like to have a higher number of webpage views, shares, comments, unique viewers – of course!  But am I going to spend my time being fake, scrounging to get views or promoting in ways that will bring the wrong sort of readers in?  No.  I am going to spend my time doing what I have always done – sharing my life with you guys and being honest so that I can encourage you all in your mission.

If you want to share what I have written on facebook or twitter, that is great! If you want to join my Mummy Meditation Community and share even more in my everyday ups and downs then even better.  But after struggling with the pressure to become more professional, I know that I only need to do more of what I love and enjoy, and what God has called me to do.  

To be a catalyst.  
To be an encourager.  

To be Rachel.

So I hope you will be happy with what I publish here.  I welcome all readers who relate to what I am about – read more about me here!


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