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According to statistic brain, only 8% of people are actually successful in achieving their New Year’s Resolution.  Some of the main reasons for this include:

  • Doing it alone – accountability creates success and if you have a buddy to do it with you are more likely to succeed
  • Unrealistic resolution – if you set the bar too high then you are guaranteeing failure, why not choose something a bit of a challenge but within reach.
  • No plan–  if you have no idea how to go about doing it, then how on earth are you going to succeed!
  • Don’t enjoy it – if you hate doing something then you are more likely to give up.  If your resolution is fun then you will have fun achieving it!

So I want to invite you to make a New Year’s Habit to spend more time with God instead by taking part in Mummy Meditations, a weekly habit of meditating on a verse a week.

what is a new year’s habit?

A habit is something that becomes part of your normal life, a repeated action that then becomes normality.  In May 2016 I started a new habit called “Mummy Meditations” where I committed to look at just one bible verse a week, but to properly study it and meditate on it throughout my whole week.  This was manageable and has made my time with God more regular and more enjoyable.  Over the last 8 months this has become part of my normal week and I have gotten deeper into these verses than ever before.  I am inviting you to develop this same habit and to commit to look at one bible verse every week throughout 2017.

why will this work better than a resolution?

This will work way better for 4 reasons:

  • You’re not doing it alone. By subscribing below you will receive an invite to a special facebook group where you will become part of the Mummy Meditations community.  This will include me and Naomi, blogger hosts who have committed to write up our thoughts at the end of each week.  It will be a safe place to discuss the verse, share ideas on how to get the most out of each verse and have access to some free resources that we will be developing (printables, phone lock screens, videos etc).  You will become accountable to a group of other mums doing the same thing and will journey together
  • It is realistic.  Daily devotions can become a chore, and when life is busy as a mum they can soon go out the window to make way for household tasks and needed rest.  Mummy Meditations is different in that it is realistic – you can think about the verse and have time with God throughout your whole day.  Often it is in the busy family times that God speaks through the verses in a new and unique way.  One verse a week is realistic and it is achievable for all of us.
  • We have done the planning for you.  Me and Naomi as the blogger hosts have already mapped out some great verses for us to look at over 2017 so you don’t have to.  We are starting off by looking at the spiritual fruit of peace.  All you have to do is read the weekly blog post to pick up next week’s verse, so it is minimal effort and requires no extra planning (just follow all the posts in the facebook group and you won’t miss those weekly posts!)
  • It will be lots of fun!  Things are always more enjoyable when you do them with friends, so come along with us and I promise it will be fun!  I will be sharing my random thoughts (which so far have mostly centered around Inside Out) and we will be having lots of fun thinking about the verses together.  If you don’t believe me then just sign up and see!  What have you got to lose?

So why not sign up to make a New Year’s Habit this year rather than a resolution?  Just put your email address in below and I will send you all the details.

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    • Rachel Ridler says:

      Yey! Great to have you on board Cathy – I have sent you over the welcome email with the link to the facebook group just now x

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