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I love cake.  I am pretty sure that most people who know me are aware of this fact!  And so when I was given the opportunity to review My Cupcake Toppers I jumped at the chance.

I also love baking, and its an activity that I have started doing with my 3 year old son.  His favourite part is decorating the cakes, and he loves those kits that you buy in the supermarket with his favourite TV and film characters on.  Only they cost a lot, have only half the ingredients in them and you end up with tiny cakes that taste of paper.  Not good.

When I bake, I bake good cakes (my mum taught me well!) but I’m not so great at the icing.  So to have rice paper or icing toppers that can make them look pretty is definitely a good idea.  I ordered from My Cupcake Toppers a selection of different toppers for different occasions including some for my son (Lion King, Beauty and the Beast and Inside Out themed toppers), some to put on free cupcakes at my estate Christmas event (think santa, penguins and general christmassyness) and some for other outreach activities (new home and thank you designs).

I decided to try out the rice paper toppers as they were the cheapest – coming in between £1.20 and £2.70 depending on the quality of rice paper and whether you wanted them pre-cut.  I varied my options but decided that normal quality rice paper was perfectly fine and that pre-cut was definitely worth the extra 50p!!  It meant you could get straight on with decorating without standing for half an hour first cutting out circles.

Sam loved choosing which cakes to put his Beauty and the Beast toppers on, and they tasted great with the icing.  I have ordered cupcake toppers in the past off Ebay and the print quality has not been great, but these have excellent detail.  

The best thing is you can also design your own – whether its a photo of someone, a charity logo or anything else you can submit it to be printed.  In the past I got Reuben’s face printed on edible icing for his dedication day so I would definitely look at My Cupcake Toppers to do this in the future.  The range of ideas and options is endless, and for £1.20 it definitely beats the cake kits from the supermarket!

I am looking forward to using my christmas cupcake toppers to spread a little joy this Christmas on my estate (especially after the rough year we have all faced).  What could you use them for?

Visit and browse their library of cupcake toppers and more

Disclosure:  I was sent free cupcake toppers to review by My Cupcake Toppers, but all opinions are my own. 

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