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November Monthly Inspiration

With Christmas fast approaching (yey!) I thought I would share with you all some of the things I am loving at the moment which might make good presents or outreach gifts this Christmas:
  • Hillsong CD Let there be light – Now I don’t usually like Hillsong albums all that much.  I generally find them a bit too much style over substance, and I prefer to have music that includes more scriptural truths in it, but all the reviews of this album have been fantastic so I thought I’d give it a go!  And I do love it.  My favourite song is “What a beautiful name it is” but I could pick lots more that are my next favourites.  Perhaps a few too many slow songs, but some great lyrics in there.  
  • Casting Crowns CD The Very Next Thing.  Now I really do love Casting Crowns and I have about 6 of their albums to prove it!  To start with the songs do sounds pretty samey to previous albums, but what I love about their music is the story and reason behind why each song is written.  They will always be based on a scripture which is included in the cover and after a few listens you get a better understanding of that song.  My favourite on here are “The very next thing” as it talks about that season in life where you don’t know God has for you next.  Plus their harmonies are amazing!!
  • Cheerfully Given – If you are looking for some Christian gifts handmade by others then this is a sort of etsy for Christians website!  Katie who is had a cuppa with a few months back sells her lovely jewellery on here and you might just get some more inspiration.
  • Room DVD – now this is a strange one, but I just watched this film and was blown away by it.  You do have to be in the right emotional state to watch it as it is quite moving, but definitely worth getting.  It is all about a mum and son who are living life in one room, and what happens when they get out (not to give too much away!).  If I need to convince you more it is under £5 on amazon so just do it!
  • Bible Society Colouring Calendars – I love these!  I am always on the look out for new creative ideas to express my faith, and these calendars are a great way to do this.  They are also only a 50p donation each so why not buy 10 and give them away to others?!  The bible society also have some great little Christmas booklets for kids and other resources such as a nativity from scratch to help share your faith this Christmas.   



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