Precious time with my youngest boy


This week has been an unusual one.  It has been the first half term when my eldest son hasn’t been in nursery, as he has now gone term time only to help us save a bit of money!  Because of this, he has gone over to Grandma’s for a week of fun with her, and I have only had my littlest boy with me.  

It has been so lovely to spend some quality time with him, to play with him and give him my full attention all the time and to get to know him in a way that isn’t possible when Sam is around.  I have loved it!!

It got me to thinking about how much that alone time with a child is really worth, and how valuable it must be to God for him to have alone time with us too.  God loves spending time with us in the midst of our busy days and hectic lifestyles, but it is completely different when he gets that quality one-on-one time to just sit and chill with us.  In a world of multi-tasking, giving someone your full attention is rare, but so so valuable.    I need to strive to carve out that time with each of my boys in the future, but also to do the same with God.

Here is a very small and blurry picture of my littlest one for you all to enjoy!


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