Mum on a Mission vs the Train – episode 3

Episode 3

Sometimes you have to accept that God knows better than you.  At least that is what I have been trying to do given my latest meditation verse (check out my mummy meditation post from this week).  Easier said than done in some situations, especially when so much is at stake.  How can I just sit back and go “not my will but your will” when it comes to HS2 ploughing through my home? (200 homes being demolished to bring economic growth to the north of England makes about as much sense as someone dying to bring life to everyone, but then Jesus’ resurrection changed that so lets hope there is a game changer on this one too….)

But I have been praying the last few weeks that whatever the outcome from the Secretary of State for Transport in November time that I will be at peace with it, and I will see God’s purpose in it.  In the meantime I have stopped being so much of a toddler and crying about it all the time, and I am trying to enjoy the ride.  I have enjoyed getting to know my neighbours so much better and fellow Mexborough people.  There is such as rich diversity of people in our town and I love that!  

I recently got the opportunity to read and review the book “Game Changers” by Gavin and Anne Calver (do head over to Liberti Magazine to check out my review!) and it got me thinking – so many people shy away from what needs to be done in this life to make real positive change.  So many people think it can’t possibly be them that can do anything about the problems we face – whether that be HS2, or anti-social behaviour, or declining church attendance.  But if we make the decision to get on board and just do our part then we can all make a difference. Moses got on board with God, just as Moses Mother did when she wouldn’t let just lie down and let her baby boy be murdered with the rest of the Israelite children.  They didn’t let the challenge ahead overwhelm them, but found strength in God to face it in a different way.  

I want to be a game changer and get this route changed for the benefit of my local community and wider community.  And so I am choosing to do my part and get involved in the campaign.  What can you do to be a game changer where you are?

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