Lamp – Mummy Meditation Week 16

Welcome to week 16 of mummy meditation – I hope you are enjoying spending a week on each verse with me.  If you missed last weeks about shining your light then catch it here.  
Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path” Psalm 119:105
I want to start off my post this week by sharing a song.  It is a song that has been going round in my head all this week as it links nicely to this verse.  You may think it is quite an old school song, but I love the simplicity of the tune and the depth of the words:


“Your name is like honey on my lips
Your spirit like water to my soul
Your word is a lamp unto my feet
Jesus I love you, I love you”
My main thought this week has been how often we look at the vision and where we want to be in the “future” but forget to look at what the next step is.  God says that his word is a LAMP not a beacon, and that it is for your feet.  A lamp would illuminate just enough so you can see a safe place to put your next footstep, but not enough so you can see everything ahead.  I think this is how God’s word leads us – it gives us everything we need to make the next step, but doesn’t always show us all the details and view of the whole future.
So this week I sat down and did the following exercise – perhaps you can do this too:
Rather than looking at the big vision, big dream, big picture, lets stop and focus in a little.  Write down everything that is involved in your life at the moment and underneath put “now” and “next steps”.  Fill in what that part of your life looks like right now.  And then whilst thinking about where you want it to be and praying through God’s word about it, start to right down what the next step is that God wants you to take in that area.  For example:
Now: feeling really busy and not enough time to spend together.  
Next Steps: plan in date nights out for the next few months and arrange baby sitters
Now: Enjoying my job a lot but feel they are not using my organising skills 
Next Steps: Speak to manager about opportunities in the future
Now: not really doing any other than a bit of bible journalling
Next Steps:  Buy some shelves for spare room so all my craft boxes can come out of the garage and I can see and get to them better
Now: Loving doing Mummy Meditation posts and writing what is on my heart
Next Steps: Start writing and planning an ebook
Please do share below any of your next steps that God’s lamp has shown you
It is only a short week now that I have delayed posting this, but I am jumping back into the gospels to look more closely at Jesus’ praying:
“‘Abba, Father.’ he said, ‘Everything is possible for you,  Take this cup from me. Yet not what I will, but what you will.‘”  Mark 14:36

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