The rule of three

My mum would always tell me that bad things would happen in threes – the car would need fixing the same time as a pipe bursting and the washing machine deciding to conk out.  That was just the way it went!  I guess this is the same as saying “it never rains, it pours!”.  There is some logic behind this sentiment though, as I think the devil purposefully looks for when we are down to try to attack us further.

For me this has been the HS2 news quickly followed by Sam and Reuben being ill (possible hand foot and mouth) and then myself getting ill with viral conjunctivitis this week.  Maybe the stress has weakened all our immune systems, maybe its just coincidence or maybe someone is trying to stop me from having the energy and fight to sow into my community.

But instead of focusing on these negative things (Ok, well I may have focussed on them a little and moaned a bit on facebook for sympathy) I am NOW choosing to relive the positives and these come in multiples many more than three!  In fact, if I have to make a list of all the positive things from the last month and compare it to my negative list it would look miniscule! Even though satan may be trying to kick me whilst I am down, God is still in the detail and still caring for me through it.

One little example is with our mortgage.  Our two year fixed rate was coming to an end and we were trying to remortgage to get a better deal, something that will be impossible for most on our estate now given its blight status.  We got the letter to confirm our new 2 year fixed rate a few days before the awful letter came through, so we are financially secure in this for 2 more years.  God really is in the  detail.   

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