Flashback – Looking back at our moving home saga

After all this chaos with the HS2 news, I wanted to take a few moments this month to look back on what a blessing this house has been (and will be) to us.  So here are the links to the whole of our moving home saga.  I really hope that if we do have to move again that it isn’t quite a stressful!!
Part 1  (almost cried when I read the last paragraph about being here for at least 10 years!)
Part 2 (loving the reminder to “focus on the day that you are in and let God sort out tomorrow”)
Part 3 (Does the verse “Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labour in vain” apply to railways also???!)
Part 4 (Need to put the “ask, seek, knock” principal into practice in this situation definitely)
Final Part (a bitter-sweet post but I am clinging to my verse and remembering that I do not need to fear now the heat has come, but that my leaves can stay green in Christ)


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