The REAL family life photo challenge – Mum on a Mission takes photos!


My 30 before 30 list is really throwing up lots of exciting opportunities and my “do a 30 day photo challenge” one does not disappoint!  I sat down before starting it to think about what I could centre my challenge around – things that make me happy that day, good deeds, funny things, random things?  The list is endless (I did really like the #100dayshappy that went around last summer) but I decided I would need to start my own individual challenge if it is to be meaningful.

So I chose to do a challenge that highlights what my blog is all about – being REAL.  I posted a photo each day for 30 days of REAL family life and REAL parenthood.  I wanted to show my friends and family what it is really like.  Not the touched up, highlights that we normally share on instagram or facebook, but the real moments.  That might mean highlights, lowlights and just the craziness that is parenting!!!

The picture above shows my first four days posts – a real mix of photos that I might not normally post!  And the feedback has been really positive:

“Love this! I remember when I had my daughter, and to be honest, I still do it to this day, I compare myself to other parents. I think to myself “well this doesn’t happen in so and so house”. You only see the photo shopped pictures, the pictures of when life is good pictures! You are one incredible lady for doing this!”

So I want to challenge you all to jump on board and take the REAL family life photo challenge with me.  You can use the #REALfamilylife or just check in at my facebook page to let me know you are taking part and maybe share some of your photos on there too.

I would also love it if you could ask people to donate to Home for Good as part of this challenge.  Maybe you could donate £1 per photo (£30 once you have completed the challenge) or just put a link to their donation page when you start/finish.  The link is

P.S – in reality I failed at this task!  I ended up posting some photos that weren’t always real (I never got a picture of me sat with Sam on the toilet reading books, or the endless tantrums and trips to the naughty spot – mainly because I was focusing on parenting in those times rather than taking photos) but maybe you can do better than me and I would love to see your attempts!!!

P.P.S here is my favourite photo from the challenge (I will add the rest into a gallery on my facebook page soon)

“How did this happen????!”


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