A cuppa with Gemma Tuson

Sit down and join me for another cuppa this week (if you missed last weeks here is the link!)

It’s really nice to meet you – please introduce yourself to us all! 
Hello, my name is Gemma, I’m 36 and I’ve been married to Mark for 11 years. I’ve just launched a resource for young women called Be Loved that I have been working on for 4 years!! (I thought it was going to take me 6 months max!) 

Where do you live and what do you like/loathe about it? 

I live in Manchester and have done my whole life! I love that I live in a smallish village, but I can jump on a train and in 12 mins I can be in the city! 

How many kids do you have? 
I have a girl who is 8 (going on 18) and a boy who is 5. They are the complete opposite of one another but generally get on most of the time! 

What is the best thing about motherhood for you?
I have loved and embraced every stage of them growing up so far, but I have to say that I really enjoy having ‘older’ children. I love seeing their character developing and discovering who they have been created to be. 

And what is the worst thing?! 
I think in the earlier years I completely lost my identity and I didn’t know who I was for a while. I found that really difficulty. I remember saying to a friend one time that I had accomplished everything that I wanted in life and wasn’t sure what my future looked like! She replied ‘You need to dream some more dreams.’ And she was right! 

How do you try to help your children connect with God and the bible? 
My daughter has a great prayer life. She depends on God a lot as she suffers from anxiety.She prays constantly thoughout the day. We found a lovely scripture colouring in book at Spring Harvest this year, and she finds great comfort in some of the verses. It’s really helped her to memorise some of them. My son is a little harder to engage with. He’s a great reader thought so we have some bible story books that he reads and we have some flash cards with short stories on the back. He gets quite a lot out of kids church on a sunday too. 

What is your “mission-field” at the moment?
I have a great group of school mums that I am praying for.

What causes or activities are you particularly passionate about and why?
I work with young people, especially girls who need some one-on-one mentoring for various reasons. My heart definitely aches for young women and the crazy things they have to face whilst going through the most difficult years of their lives.

Thanks so much for having a cuppa with me! Thank you for asking me! 
If you want to find out a bit more about what Gemma has been working on please do visit her website www.be-lovedbeloved.com  and be sure to join me next week for another cuppa x

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