Monthly Mission Update – Doing it for the one!

I was going to start my monthly mission update with a list of all the “things” I had done and achieved this month, but then God hit me with something else.  So this won’t give you practical ideas as to what to do in your missional life as a mum, but hopefully it shows a bit of my heart for why I do this and why I write this blog……

I always try to remind myself that I am living a missional life and showing the love of Jesus just for the ONE person that might see, that might benefit and that might come to know Jesus a little bit better through it.  But sometimes the number counting kicks in (partly my own fault for setting number related lifegoals, but you’ve got to aim at something right?!) and I feel down hearted.

Then God comes along and shows me what a difference that ONE can make.  When that ONE person tells you they feel at home in a strange country because of something you have done, when that ONE person opens up for no reason other than the words you have written, when that ONE person gets a treat instead of an insult and sends a thankful text doesn’t it make it worth it???  

Sometimes I feel like I am chipping away day after day and nothing makes a difference.  Like what the point of writing this blog is and then BLAMO!  God gives me an evening like tonight when he shows me that I am doing it for the ONE.  If just ONE person gets empowered, built up, changed, helped, inspired through what I do then it is worth it.  And I don’t know what your “thing” is, what your mission or passion is, but just keep doing it for the the ONE.  You might never know who they are, you might never get that thank you text, but it is still worth it.  Sometimes we get that feedback into how it has helped, and it is completely heart filling and awakening.  But sometimes we don’t – KEEP GOING

Tonight God has hit me like a tidal wave – his love is fierce…..  so I will leave you with this song which is my favourite at the moment:

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