God is not bored with you

I have been a christian for all my life. I was brought up in Sunday school, knowing there was a God who loved me, and when I was a teenager I made my first commitment to Jesus, accepting him as my personal saviour, at a youth summer camp. My life has been pretty boring/predictable since then. I went to uni, joined the Christian Union, met my husband and “settled down”. Yes we have moved house a couple of times so my husband can go to bible college and be closer to our church, but our journey has been reasonably normal. Sometimes I worry its so normal that God I bored watching me!

I am not an exciting missionary or a new believer guzzling up every word. I am not the most influential blogger, making a difference in the lives of thousands. But my boys once again inspired me as to Gods feelings towards me.

This week Reuben has been starting to try to roll over, and I got super excited!!! I would put him on his belly and cheer on his efforts, and when he was successful I was over the moon! I didn’t say to him “well that’s rubbish – Sam can already walk so get a move on mister” – that would be ridiculous!!! Sam is two years older so of course he is more advanced. And I didn’t say “well Sam managed to roll over well before now so why aren’t you as good”. Each of my boys are on their own unique journey of learning, and just because Reuben is two years behind doesn’t mean there is any less joy in his achievements.

I am not bored of Reuben trying to learn those basic skills because there is new joy for each child. Reuben may learn to crawl like Sam did, or perhaps he might bum shuffle. But I won’t be any less proud of him either way, as he is on his own route through childhood.

God is the same with us. Yes he has been through the same life journeys with millions of other believers, and even if you think your journey is pretty standard or normal, God still finds joy in watching you journey through as it is the first time for you personally. Just as parents invest emotionally, physically and spiritually into our kids and watching them grow, God invests in our journey to become more like Christ. He is not bored. He cherishes every second.

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