finding purpose in the tantrum

So yesterday was an interesting kind of day, but one that God used immeasurably more than what I could imagine in the morning.

My plan for the day: Take kids to play centre so that husband can have some peace and quiet to work at home. Spend as little money as possible and sit in a corner with Reuben whilst Sam plays and then come home later to do the food shopping.

God’s plan for the day: Take kids to the RIGHT play centre where Rachel will meet other mums to encourage and chat to the member of staff there about church (this could be a pivotal point in her journey back to relationship with me)

What actually happened: Arrived at planned play centre with free entry voucher in hand. Play centre would not accept it as it was Christmas party so could only go in if I paid £8 party ticket fee. Feeling like a cheap skate decided to leave as was annoyed we couldn’t get in for free. Cue toddler tantrum in middle of car park with son lying on the floor and limbs flailing wildly! Had to quickly calm him down whilst deciding on the cheapest alternative play centre that was close by.

Arrive at next play centre to be greeted by a really friendly staff member. She could see I was struggling so let us in and let me feed crying Reuben before we even actually paid entry! As the place was deserted we had a lovely conversation about the kids and then later in the day she asked where daddy was. Sam said he was at home so I was able to tell her that he is studying for a theology degree and works part time in our church. This opened the door to talk about church with her. The centre then got busier but I was able to write her a nice thank you note and left it with a #lovegives card from our church.


On the way out she also told me an app we can download to get free entry next time! What a blessing she was to us on what seemed to start out as a rubbish day. I pray that God will be moving in her life to rethink what church is and what it means to her. Once again God is able to use my everyday activities as a mum to reach into others lives. Feel amazingly privileged to be a part of it!

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