Coupons are for Caring

I am sure deep down inside all of us is a desire to be generous and to love others.  After all, we are made in the image of our Father God, who is the most loving and generous God that he sent his son to die on the cross for us.  But truthfully, every day life and requirements cloud this desire from coming to fruition.  

There are many things that stop us from following our generous hearts (here are just a few which you might relate to):

  • money – it is expensive to be generous!  We have all heard amazing stories of people paying others bills in supermarkets, petrol stations, coffee shops, etc.  Or of people buying loads of chocolate bars or baking lots of cake.  But in all honesty, you have to have some disposable income to throw at it in order to be generous in this way, and sometimes we just don’t!  
  • time – putting in the preparation for being generous sometimes gets in the way of actually just doing it.  Having to think about what you are going to do, go out and buy it or prepare it.  Its all a bit too much sometimes when the kids are screaming and the dinner needs cooking.
  • courage – It is scary sometimes to put our hearts on the line and offer something to someone else, especially if it is someone we don’t know.

For me it is all of these things.  I yearn to be more generous and yet lack the money, time and courage to follow through.  But I am determined to do something nice in my neighbourhood to show the love of God to the estate.  Here is my plan!  I have invested this year in a “purple voucher book”, a local resource that has hundreds of vouchers, like 2 for 1 in restaurants, theme parks etc.  The book itself cost £20, but as I will be using some of the vouchers myself to treat my family to days out I figured it was a worthwhile investment.  There are quite a few vouchers that I know I won’t personally be able to use so I am going to post them through the doors of houses on our estate with one of our church’s #lovegives cards so they know that there is a connection to church, and hopefully they will look it up online to see where the voucher has come from.

So there you have it – a simple, cheap, no prep required and reasonably low amount of courage needed to be generous idea.  Coupons are for caring just as much as cash or presents, so why not leave vouchers or coupons where people can find them?  What are your ways and tips for being generous on a budget?  Share them below! 

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