Maternity Leave and Me

As I sit at an ever increasingly empty looking desk, on my last day of work before maternity leave, I am overcome with emotion.  What emotion you might ask?  Well mainly sadness as I leave behind my amazing “work family” and a job that I love and thrive in for 6 months, but also a mix of excitement, fear and trepidation as to what the next 6 months will hold for me.

Last time I did this I was only off for 6 weeks, so it wasn’t a proper good bye really.  My husband was a student and my part time wages only just covered the mortgage as it was so I had no option but to return to work ASAP after having my little boy.  And to be honest it was the best thing for both of us.

But this time I have a bit more space to take some time off and be with new baby and Sam.  I am not sure if I have what it takes it be a full time mum at home!!  But knowing what that new little baby will turn into (a cute and lovable toddler hopefully…) will help me a lot this time as I will be able to cherish those middle of the night feeds, many nappies and endless crying a little more knowing they are only temporary.  

I want to also make sure that this is not a “wasted” six months for God either – that I actively use this precious gift of time to not only deepen and further my relationship with Him, but also to forge new relationships with other mums and people who I come into fresh contact with through motherhood in order to advance the gospel.  So I am planning to spend those nighttime feeds in prayer, reading his word and furthering my spiritual gifts, as well as attempting to be an outgoing mum that others want to be around during the day!  Wish me luck (and please pray for me!!!!)

Here’s to a happy and fruitful maternity leave!

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