Nesting 101

One of my last posts took a very spiritual look at how our homes can sometimes reflect the state of our relationship with God – every now and then they look a little bit shabby and need an overhaul! (If you didn’t read it then check it out here).  Well now I am going a bit more light hearted and open for comments and suggestions!!


Yes, my nesting desire has well and truly set in and my poor husband is bearing the weight of all my decorating urges.  A few weeks ago we marked a new moment for us.  We celebrated on the Friday the marriage of our lodger and his lovely new wife which was a fantastic day all round!  So Saturday morning I woke up and suddenly had access to his old room (what will become baby’s room).  I could barely contain my excitement, and within a few hours it was cleaned, bed removed and cot set up.  But that was only the start of it. Here are some of the things we have been doing in the house the last few weeks:

Finishing off Sam’s bedroom

So our little boy’s room had already been decorated with blue stripe and given a nautical theme, but something was missing, so we added some more blue squares to frame some existing photos.

We also hung up some of Sam’s amazing art work!  Made by gluing some letters to the canvas and then letting him go crazy with the paint, then taking off the letters once it was dry.  

Finally, we made a “zoo” cage for all of Sam’s cuddly toys that seem to be taking over his bed from a old towel storage unit that had seen better days – after a new coat of paint and some blue rope for bars they are now all safely inside and Sam takes great pleasure in “swapping” the cuddly toys on his bed for ones inside the zoo.

Making our bedroom into a haven

Isn’t it always the way that your own room gets left til last to be decorated as you sort out the children’s rooms?  Well I wanted to make it a priority to make our room into a haven for us so we can have some of our own space and enjoy being in the room, rather than just going there to sleep!  So we went for a beach hut kind of feel with sand yellow paint on most of the walls and then distressed wood effect wall paper behind the bed to make it a feature.  

My hubby liked doing this room as the wallpaper was really quick to put up with no pesky pattern matching!

Adding some colour into the lounge

I had finally become sick of sitting in a white house, so we agreed to make the lounge more cosy by adding some wallpaper to two of the walls.  We both love the colour purple and found this amazing purple/gold coloured wallpaper that looks great. 


Decorating baby’s room

I suppose I should mention the real reason for nesting, which is to get baby’s room ready!  We chatted about different themes and decided on woodland (I couldn’t cope with any more blue/boy rooms!) so Rob set about painting two walls green and two walls brown.  

I then spotted a great idea on pinterest to make a feature tree in the room using wallpaper samples, so set about making a trunk and branches from wood effect wallpaper and cutting different coloured and patterned leaves.  All free!!  Finally I added a little bird house money box that I bought when I went to Switzerland on Guide Camp when I was a teenager.  I think it looks great – can’t get a very good picture of it as the room still needs tidying and setting up ready for baby, but we are almost ready!

Downstairs toilet transformation

Our final task is to transforms the downstairs toilet for free again, using a patchwork effect made up from wallpaper samples.  I shall have to do a separate post on it once it is finished so watch this space……

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