Failure in the world’s eyes is not that way to God

Recently I have joined a new mummy online social website in a bid to try to widen my circle locally.  The website provides a place where you can meet mums in your area and invite them to socials events or just for a cuppa.  So I jumped straight in and put up an event – a teddy bear’s picnic for those in my closest areas where mums and kids could come and meet each other.

There were probably about 10-15 mums invited but only 3 responded – 1 to say she could come (internal jump of happiness!), 1 to say she couldn’t but would love to meet up another time (again a positive response) and 1 to say she might be able to but if not perhaps could do something another time (its still a response so my heart was singing!).  I also pushed some invitations through doors on my estate of people who I knew had kids.  I even invited a mum who I saw walking past our house with a pushchair the other day when I was feeling brave!! 

The day of the picnic came and I prayed faithfully that God would make it a success in His eyes and that the right people would turn up.  I got everything set up looking beautiful, I had baked cakes the night before and got colouring sheets and other activities ready.  Some might say that at 8 months pregnant I put a little too much effort into it, but I wanted to make sure that if people did come they felt welcome and their kids had plenty to do.  

Well the starting time came and went and only one mum turned up, a lovely lady who I had invited by text from a toddler group I used to attend.  Would I say I was disappointed that no-one from the new website came?  Yes.  Would I say I was disappointed that none of my neighbours came?  Yes!  But did we have a cracking afternoon – yes indeedy!!
My prayer was always that it would be a success in God’s eyes, not in mine.  So I am sure that great things will come from the 3 new connections made (hopefully we can all meet up at another time) and relationships built up even more.  If nothing else then my son and his friend had fun and I didn’t overdo it (too much!) in my 8 month pregnant state.  Praise be to God.


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