Book review – home for good

Ever since I met my now husband and started dreaming properly for the future and our lives together, I had this strange feeling lurking in the back of my mind. I wouldn’t call it a fully fledged fear, but nethertheless this odd thought that I might not be able to have children naturally kept itself firmly wedged in my mind.  After all, there are so many lovely couples nowadays who can’t have children naturally – why shouldn’t one of those couples include me?  

It was quite a negative way to look at things in hindsight,  and that thought has obviously now disappeared given that God has blessed me beyond measure with a beautiful son and another on the way.  But I think that it was there for a reason.  You see ever since that thought appeared way back when I was studying at university and going through the excitement of young love, God was preparing my heart to be ready for something.  And that something hasn’t arrived yet, but the idea and acceptance of it has been growing and growing since then.  And that something is adoption.

You may think that adoption is only for those who find themselves childless through no fault of their own, who are looking for a way to have a family when nature has failed them.  But why should it be limited to that?  This is what God has been challenging me on since the birth of my first son – yes nature has been kind in allowing me to have a biological child, but why does that discount me from offering a home to another child who needs one?

In light of these thoughts going round in my head I decided to do a bit a research and equip myself some more for what could potentially be a HUGE decision as a family (we are not yet at a point to say yes or no) with far reaching consequences for us as parents and spouses, for our children and for those around us.  So I bought the book “Home For Good” written by Krish Kandiah who is spearheading a new campaign to get churches more involved in fostering and adoption and to become the solution for the thousands of children in the care system in the UK.  

 The first thing I can say is that is has truly opened my eyes and my heart to the need and why we as Christians should be bothered about it.  I could not read one single chapter without welling up in tears for the children who need help.  Each chapter carefully targeted different questions and issues that you might have before venturing into this and is peppered with stories and case studies from children and adopters/foster carers.  

I don’t want to tell you too much about it, other than to say it is an amazing read for ALL Christians, whether you are interested in adoption or not, as it shows how you can support those who are involved in it as well.  God adopted us into his family for eternity, and to Him there are no unwanted children.  If you want to discover God’s heart for these children that are orphans in the care system then buy and read this book – I cannot recommend it highly enough and doubt that you can read it and not have your heart changed.

As for me and my family?  We will be prayerfully considering what God wants us to do and will be waiting patiently for the right timing so that we can hopefully make a difference in the life of a child (or children) who really need a home for good. 

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