Mummy Challenges 101 – The Potty Training Post

So this morning I was planning to write a really positive post all about how me and Sam are taking on potty training in our own special (and successful!) way.  I wanted to sound knowledgable but also laid back, to say that things were going well and that even when they weren’t I was ok with it and being supportive.  And then today happened!

In potty training terms it probably wasn’t the worst day ever. Sam only had one accident at nursery rather than two, and he managed to get through a two hour nap dry as a bone!  But then when he woke up and I encouraged him to use the toilet all hell broke loose.  We had tantrums and tears and pants being pulled up and down, followed by one enormous accident on the lounge carpet, followed by more tantrums and tears.  Eventually we ended up back in nappies for the rest of the day with a slightly grumpy mummy and Sam.  (This was in the wake of yesterday’s post nap accident on mummy’s bed…..)

So what have I learnt today about being a mum?  That the next challenge is always bigger than the last!  

You see lately I have been feeling pretty good about my parenting.  We have conquered the sleeping and eating (most of the time) and the naughty spot seems to be working pretty well in controlling Sam’s behaviour.  So I was naively thinking that potty training would be a piece of cake for me.  I had bought the big boy pants, the potty, the toilet seat, the fun story book, the stickers and I had spent the last six months talking positively about the potty and trying to get Sam used to it.  But nothing could prepare me for the real thing.  The real emotions, the real fears and the real life mess.

I am going to blame a little bit of my emotional “potty training” breakdown on my pregnancy hormones, which are making me cry at every last thing, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that I am not a super parent, but am just like everyone else – trying to muddle our way through.  I guess this hurdle is bigger than I thought, but with patience, love and a little bit of perseverance we will get through.  

So as I finish this post, I am going to put on a supportive mum face ready for whatever may lie ahead tomorrow because I love my son and I know that this is something that I need to teach him.  And teaching people isn’t easy – God sure knows that!  How many times do we mess up in our lives and God has to pick up the pieces? If God can have patience with me and my messes, then I can sure have patience with my amazing little man and all of his messes. X

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