Independence VS Motherhood

Everyday my little boy gets more and more independent.  At first I loved it – it meant he could crawl and I didn’t have to carry him any more.  It meant I could eat my own dinner whilst he ate his own by himself.  It meant that I could ask him what was wrong rather than trying to guess.

But now I am at the point where I understand the people who used to say to me “enjoy them whilst they are young as they grow up so quickly!”.  And it is soooo true!  Now his vocabulary is amazing, he understands most of what I say, but can actually argue back (well, he says no a lot..).  Independent but annoying!  He knows exactly how to make his own breakfast when he comes down in the morning – if only the cupboards didn’t have child locks on he probably would do it all on his own!  And he is thriving at nursery, learning phonics and playing nicely with the other kids.

Really, it is all I ever wanted for him, and I feel proud watching him learn new things.  I know that the value of a parent comes in teaching and bringing up your children to be more and more independent.  And yet I can feel that tugging sensation that makes me sad he is a little more grown up each day.  Where did those 2 years go?!

I always think of this verse when I think of how I want to be with my children:

Servants in the church are to be committed to their spouses, attentive to their own children, and diligent in looking after their own affairs. ” 1 Timothy 3:12

So I guess my question to all of you out there reading this is this:  How do I be attentive to my child but also nurture his own independence?  And how do you deal with that feeling of wanting to mother them too much!

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