T is for Time To….

Just for fun, I thought I would rewrite that great passage in Ecclesiastes 3 “A Time for Everything” to cheer up us Mums on a Mission!  Here goes:

There is a time for everything,
    and a season for every activity under the heavens:

a time to scream in pain as your baby is born, and a time to rest with your feet up and a good book

a time to try to make your garden look pretty, and a time to accept that the toddler is going to dig up all the good plants but leave the weeds

a time to abandon old relationships that are draining you, and a time to build new ones at mother and toddler group instead

a time to cry in frustration as you attempt to put your son on the naughty spot for the 10th time that day, and a time to laugh with all your body as they say “banabister” instead of “bannister”

a time to cry with your friend over miscarriage, and a time to dance with your friend over new life

a time to play pooh sticks on the bridge, and a time to go on a scavenger hunt

a time to enjoy the cuddles from your baby boy, and a time to accept that he is too big for cuddles from his mummy

a time to look all over the house for the beloved teddy, and a time to face the music and accept that it has gone!

a time to cherish toys and memories of your babies, and a time to empty the garage of all the old toys to help another mum in need

a time to let down your clean freak tendancies and let the littlies paint and make a huge mess, and a time to tidy the house ready for the in-laws coming

a time to be quiet and just hold your child as they are ill or upset, and a time to whisper words of comfort to them

a time to love with all your heart and soul in a way you never knew before, and a time to hate the other child who bit your kid even though you know they didn’t mean to and are just teething!

a time to battle the bedtime routine and crack the potty training, and a time to let it slide and enjoy the peace of family life.

A Time for Everything.

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