S is for Seasons

Do you ever look back at a period in your life with sadness, or wish you were still there?

This week I have been contemplating the different seasons that God takes us through and how to make the most of the one that I am in.  I wouldn’t change where I am for a second, and an unexpected child free evening told me that as I didn’t really want to do anything and felt bereft without my monitor close to me so I could hear every sleepy murmur and shuffle!  But I do look back sometimes on my uni years and the boldness with which I shared the gospel and miss that buzz and thrill.  

You see, now I am in a season where friendships take longer to build than just being put in the room next door to someone.  I am in a season where religion and politics isn’t first off everyone’s tongue, but how long your child has slept through the night and whether they are potty trained.  Evangelism is a slow process and if I were to speak with the boldness that I did at uni I probably wouldn’t have many friends left!  

Does this make me feel sad?  Yes a little.  But I am choosing to see it as a new and exciting challenge.   No longer can I offer someone a free sandwich and they be putty in my hands, I have to actually work at this to earn the right to share my true love, Jesus, with them.  I have to put in the time and connect. And to be honest that is going to be much more rewarding.  Yes I won’t see fast results like I did at uni.  I won’t be able to count every week how many of my friends came to church or a lunchbar, but eventually I will see God start to move in their hearts.  And that is more real and more exciting in my book.

So whatever season you are in, embrace it with all you have and let God show you the unique opportunities you have in it. 

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