The word is alive – a year ago since the big move!

This time last year (well not exactly this date, but it was definitely a Friday!) I had spent the morning packing, moving, scrubbing and cleaning every last inch of our cherished house in Gainsborough.  I had locked up for the last time, leaving a basket of goodies for the new owners on the kitchen counter,  I had taken the meter readings and I had handed over the keys to the estate agent.  My new life in Doncaster was about to begin and it was with both sadness and excitement that I got in the car to drive to my new house.

A year on and some days I still can’t believe how blessed I am to live where I do, in a beautiful house with my amazing family.  This last year has flown by and has been a mixture of just getting on with every day life and really starting to put some roots down (a key word of mine for the few years!).  We have taken over a lifegroup which now meets in our home, made countless amazing new friends at church, met and grown relationships with our new neighbours, joined local groups and started to become a real part of the local community. 

There is a lot lot more to do – I know this is just the starting point and we have committed to being here for the long haul (whatever that means is up to God!) but I really believe that amazing things can happen when you commit to prayer and action.  A key moment for me in our new house happened this week.  We haven’t had the money/time/ability to decorate much of our new house, but we wanted to surround it in God’s word.  So a second (and key) bible verse is now displayed in our kitchen, which fits in nicely with our Feeding 5000 challenge and our family’s dedication to hospitality:

The word is very much alive and kicking in our house, and I want to encourage you to display verses in your home – whether it be ones that provide comfort, encouragement or have a special meaning to you.  Why not find a family vision verse, or mission verse?  Now everytime I go into the kitchen I am reminded that I should be hospitable to everyone, and that is a huge motivation for me.


2 thoughts on “The word is alive – a year ago since the big move!

  1. Fat Dormouse says:

    I am happy to have found your 40Acts blog – it is interesting reading other people's takes on the Challenges. I love the calligraphy of your Bible verse – did you do it? How wonderful it is! The idea of having a verse like that to inspire you is a great idea – but I fear my non Christian Mr FD would not approve!! I must "write it on my heart" instead. I hope your last 40 Acts week is an inspiring one, and that the lessons learned sustain you through and after Easter. God bless you.

  2. Rachel Ridler says:

    Thanks for the lovely comment. I think we all take something different from the 40 acts challenge but as long as it changes us into more generous people i think its great!

    My friend owns a company that makes vinyl wall art and designed it for me – i love it and love having the word of God surrounding me at home, but could see that might be an issue with a non christian husband. Stay strong and as you said – write the word on your heart and in your mind (or anywhere else you can!)

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