The beginning of a 40 acts legacy

Now I am well aware that I have missed a few days challenges in the last week, that some I have thought “well I don’t really need to do that” or “its not practical enough”, but today I really wanted to share a story about the beginning of my 40 acts legacy, the beginning of something special that has started in the these last 40 days.

Day 2 was a great day for me in 40 acts – only 1 day in and the challenge pushed me to do something I had been stalling on for ages.  To invite my closest neighbours to my bi-monthly pudding club.  I got a giant kick up the backside, printed out the invites and wandered around the estate with my one year old putting them through doors.  

Then I heard nothing.  Nada.  Zip.  I had put my number on them for RSVP’s but heard absolutely nothing for weeks.  The night of pudding club was drawing near and I feared all my efforts would be for nothing.  Then I got a text from some neighbours I didn’t know well saying they couldn’t come.  A bit disappointing but it had opened up communications with them further.  Then my next door neighbour said that he and his wife were definitely attending.  Awesome!  So one couple would be there, and I was happy with that.

But the day of the pudding club two other sets of neighbours texted me to say they were also coming and it ended up being a really lovely night of connections, conversation and pudding.  I think sometimes I am scared of over-stepping the mark and becoming too friendly.  Of putting out too many invites.  But then I have to remind myself that God has called me to be a catalyst, to be the one that extends the invitation time and time again until the person that really needs it gets it.

So perhaps I have not achieved every day in my 40 acts challenge (only a few days left now!) but I really think that this is the start of some amazing relationships with my neighbours.  There were talks last night of having neighbourhood BBQ’s in the summer and doing pudding club round different houses.  All because I got the push to invite them through 40 acts.

P.S here is a pic of my creme egg cheesecake to make you all hungry…..


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