Serve the Server – Act #25

Serve the Server


Well over half way now in my 40 acts challenge, and I am loving how my perspectives on every day activities are changing.  Sometimes I feel a little scared when I open the morning email as to what I might be asked to do and whether I have the courage to do it, but more and more I am stepping out to at least attempt it, and I think that is what matters.

Today’s challenge was all about serving those who serve you – showing them respect and honouring them in whatever way you can.  The blog had a great example of letting your waiter order on your behalf, but as I am too poor to eat out frequently I had to look closer to home!  

Every Wednesday (as I have previously blogged about) I go along to a local play centre for Toddler Time.  It is a bit chaotic, and not always very friendly, but the staff there are lovely and I want to build up that relationship with them.  One day I went along and the poor staff were having to empty the entire ball pool as a child had been sick in it.  All the balls needed hosing down before it was safe for others to return.  And the mum whose child had been sick had the cheek to complain about the play centre and the staff!!!  They were just carrying on, doing a horrible job but doing it with a smile.  So today I wanted to write them a card to let them know their hard work had been noticed.

I slipped it on top of the cash register quickly whilst I was leaving, but I am sure they discovered it!

I also managed a couple of extra things – I planted a post it note for my mum friend who was having a bit of a rough day.  He son found it whilst we were there so I had to explain it!  But I think she was touched by the thought.  I also gave away some DVD’s to my friend (all of the One Tree Hill boxsets) so I guess that ticks one of the boxes on the Hold It Lightly challenge we had.

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