Post-it Postman – Act #11

Post-it Postman

Over a quarter of the way through, and today was definitely a fun one!  The challenge was to put short encouragements around for people using post-it notes.  So I found a brand new pack and thought why not set myself a personal challenge of putting out all 100 today!!

This is what I started with, and I left a few around my house for my hubby and lodger.  Stuck with working from home this morning I thought that the best thing I could do would be to send some virtual post-it notes to people via twitter and facebook and this seemed to go well!  I even got a lovely post-it note reply from my friend Kiri.

I even remembered to put some nice notes inside some library books that I had to return.  I had wanted to hide some notes around lidl as I did my food shopping but tantrumy one year old put a stop to that.  So I haven’t yet got rid of all my 100 notes but I will!!!! Tonight I am at my leadership academy course at church so this seems like a perfect opportunity to spread some encouragement via post-it.

How did you all get on? 

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