Chocs away! #act24

Yes I am very behind on my 40 acts updates this week, but having been away on holiday to Scotland for a few days I hope you will forgive me.  Although I may not have achieved all of the last few challenges, they are definitely providing me with food for thought as to how I can be generous in my everyday life.  For example, act 20 was all about talking to strangers and those who you meet everyday.  Well that particular day I spent most of it in the car driving to Scotland so didn’t meet many strangers!  But I have been purposefully saying hello since then to people I pass by.

Act 21 was about being silly and being generous with laughter and smiles!  What a fab ideas, and I always strive to be someone who puts a smile on the faces of others.

Act 22 was called give it time, and about giving your time to others.  I chose to give more time over to God, in particular the first minutes after I wake up to devote to prayer (something I keep meaning to do and forgetting).

Act 23 was one of my favourites too and challenged us to pray over our social media feeds – I felt particularly moved by God to pray for one friend whose statuses always trouble me.  I am hoping that those prayers make a real impact in their life, but I will now look at checking my Facebook and Twitter feeds as an opportunity to pray over every status I read and every news update.

Finally!!!!! On to today’s challenges!  Chocolate Tueday.  Today we were tasked with giving away chocolate.  That is all (and who needs more than that?!).  So out I trotted with toddler in tow to the local garage and picked up a pack of fudge bars.  I also wrote some post it notes (still working through that pack of 100) and deposited them in lockers at the swimming pool, on the local bridge and on the road sign into my estate.  Really praying they reach the right people.


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